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Things that have become free due to coronavirus

First things first. Porn Hub has made subscription to its premium content, that is, Porn Hub Premium free to all its subscribers around the world.

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the planet. With coronavirus cases across the world mounting by the minute, Countries across the world are put on lockdown and people are being advised to remain at their homes in a bid to contain the infection. Amid this scenario, many companies have decided to offer their services to users at no cost to encourage them to remain at home.

The list not only includes data packs and online reading services but also dating services. Here are four things that have become free due to the coronavirus outbreak:

1. PornHub

First things first. PornHub has made subscription to its premium content, that is, PornHub Premium free to all its subscribers around the world. the company had made the service free to all its users in Italy earlier this month. Now, it’s extended the plan to its users across the world.

PornHub Premium, which costs between $7.99 (Rs 700 approx) and $9.99 (Rs 800 approx) per month, is going to be free until April 23.

2. Tinder

Coronavirus has essentially locked people into their homes. But that doesn’t mean that you simply can’t date within the virtual world. To facilitate this, Tinder has made its Passport feature, which allows users to explore other cities virtually by just choosing the preferred location, free for all its users until April 30. The feature is available to Tinder Plus and Gold subscribers.


BSNL has introduced a work from home plan for its landline users that essentially gives users 5GB data per day at the speed of 10Mbps. Once the 5GB limit gets exhausted, the network will shift to a speed of 1Mbps. The company is offering the plan for free to its landline users.

4. Amazon Audible

If your kids like to read, Amazon Audible has announced that it’ll provide free audiobooks to children during the course of the ongoing pandemic.

“For as long as schools are closed, we’re open,”

Audible said in a post.

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