End The Pursuit For Happiness

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The pursuit for happiness is a never ending one. People have gone through their entire lives searching for things that make them happy and after accomplishing what they set out to, after succeeding at every step in their lives they still don’t find happiness. So what is this eternal goal? What is happiness?

Everyone is structured in a different way and finds happiness in different things.  Be it wealth, fame, power, love, travel, religion, solitude etc.

I’ve seen people living an unhappy life after having all the riches they could have and all the luxuries they can buy. I have also seen families living in the street with barely any money to feed every mouth in their families but they smile from the bottom of their hearts. Why is there such a difference?

Personally, I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs in my life and both the good and the bad have helped me becomes a better person. Happiness, like several things in life, is subjective and based on your notion of what you think happiness is. There are some who always crave for more but some seek solitude in the most basic things.

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Many might argue that wanting more is not bad and that people who settle for less are not ambitious enough. And yes, not all people need all the things in the world to keep them happy and like I mentioned earlier all people are wired differently and hence we really cannot compare happiness between two people.

I have lived long enough to realize there is no lasting happiness in life. It’s all bits and pieces here and there. A life full of happiness with no worries or heartbreaking moments is an illusion. But no matter what, the pursuit of happiness never ends. We all try to achieve things and reach greater heights thinking it would be able to help us achieve happiness but it never does. To lead a happy life is simple, appreciate the little moments in your life more than the material things. Spend time with your friends and family, laugh a lot and worry little, play with your children, call an old friend. To be able to find happiness in the simplest of things is a gift and one must cherish it.

As Mike Stud rightly said “Don’t lose your happiness, on the pursuit for more”.


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End The Pursuit For Happiness

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