Weird Facts you Should Know

  • Abalone snail has 5 assholes – It is a marine snail. It is widely consumed all around the world, dry or raw or cooked.

wired facts

  • Duck vaginas have developed “dead ends” in order to protect them from being raped by other male ducks – Scientists says that female ducks have taken “no” to a new level, they have evolved vaginas with clockwise spirals that keep out oppositely spiraled penises of undesirable males.

wired facts

  • The penis of blue whale is 11 feet long – Blue Whales penis is considered the largest in world when erect. It approximately measures 11-12 ft long.

wired facts

  • A male lion mates up to 50 times a day – Just by sniffing the reproductive organs of lioness, they can mate 20-40 times a day straight day and night.

wired facts

  • Male elephants sometimes use their penis as a 5th limb – Say an elephant is off balance, maybe the ground is uneven where’s he picking out some fruit to eat, or something. No problem, they just lean on their dick.

wired facts

  • Dragonflies have shovel shaped penises in order to scoop out their rival’s sperm.

wired facts

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