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Spa Retreats in Asia that are the Health Overhauls for your Destroyed Liver

Ever heard Spa curing you from Liver Diseases or Frazzled Psyche? Well here’s what you need to hear from our top picks news!

Progressive Spa retreats in Asia that are the hottest health overhauls for your destroyed liver and frazzled psyche


WHERE: Legendary spa retreat in Hua Hin, Thailand. WHY: This celebrity haunt allows alcohol post 6pm and two cups of coffee a day.
MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENT: If you have digestive issues, the Chi Nei Tsang massage helps release intense emotional blockages in your abdomen. You may feel desperate for it to be over, but those in the know book a session as soon as they confirm their next stay.
BEST TIME TO GO: November to February.


WHERE: An hour’s drive from Colombo, Sri Lanka. WHY: It’s a visual delight, one of the last projects initiated by the late Geoffrey Bawa, the renowned Sri Lankan architect whose “tropical-modernist” style has shaped architecture across the country.
SIGNATURE TREATMENT: The Chakra Crystal Balancing Treatment using crystal-infused oil and lymphatic drainage techniques is great for stressed bodies and overworked minds.
BEST TIME TO GO: January to April and July to September.


WHERE: Five luxury lodges in Bhutan, creating a circuit journey through Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha, Bumthang and Paro, that open this year. WHY: Known for its sensational spas, Six Senses will take only 72 guests across the five properties.
LATEST TREATMENT: The Sleep With Six Senses program dedicates itself to giving you quality zzz’s through bamboo-fi bre pajamas, personalized room conditions, M2M massages and sleep tracking apps
BEST TIME TO GO: October to December.


WHERE: A refreshingly otherworldly retreat in Thailand’s overdone Koh Samui. Why: Try a yoga session with Rajesh – a former monk so profoundly wise some people book their trips around his availability.
COOLEST TREATMENT: The Emotional Balance programme is a fi ve-day exploration of your emotional habits.
BEST TIME TO GO: Come here when it’s time for a big decision, a life shift. Or, July to August and late December through January


WHERE: Ise-Shima National Park, a cultured area in the Japanese countryside. Why: Be one with nature (literally) at the newest Aman resort, where you can soak in mineral-rich hot spring water, that arrives on command with the twist of a tap.
LATEST TREATMENT: The Amanemu Seasonal Journey for winter uses seasonal kampo (medicinal) herbs and essential oils for the mind.
BEST TIME TO GO: November through April.

So stay out any time of the year, you feel like vacationing, recovering, relaxing and enjoying 😀

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