4 Ways to Stub out Bad Habits

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Have got any dirty habits? Your dirty habit is destroying you? Dont know how to fight it out? Well, we have a solutions for you!

Here are some ways to cut out your unhealthy behaviour today by building cast-iron willpower

1. Have a Word

Got an unhealthy craving? Talk to yourself in the second person. Going over the pros and cons in your head as a friend would do helped subjects make healthier decisions in a study at the University of North Carolina.

2. Eat a Snack

Self-control is at its lowest ebb when our blood sugar levels are lowand our brain is short on fuel, according to research from Florida State University. Next time you wobble, grab a banana or some nuts to feed your brain fast.

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3. Stop Stressing

Stressed subjects in a diet study faltered before non-stressed colleagues, according to the NewYork Obesity Nutrition Research Centre. Identify your biggest source of stress, then take steps to minimise its impact.

4. Get more Sleep

When tired your willpower can be non-existent and sleep-deprived subjects are more likely to give in to impulses, according to the Frontiers In Human Neuroscience journal. Buy a blackout curtain and sleep deeper.

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4 Ways to Stub out Bad Habits

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