8 Years Ago: Remembering the Attacks of 26/11

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November 26, 2008 witnessed a highly detailed terror attack that left an entire nation in shock and nearly 200 people dead in a span of three days.

Eight years ago on this date our collective conscience got a jolt when terror struck maximum city. It is not as if it was the first time for Mumbai – but it was by far the deadliest. It was not a hit and run explosive routine. The bustling metro was brought to a standstill by half a dozen Pakistan based terrorists. The nation watched with disbelief and shock as groups of terrorists went on a shooting spree across the city before being cornered in two city hotels. One was caught alive and that was the luckiest part of it. However the luck came at the cost of the life of a brave constable – Tukaram Omble. Without his supreme sacrifice nobody would have had any clue as to the source of the vicious attacks.

On Wednesday night, November 26, 2008,Mumbai became the target of a ferocious terror attack. Nearly 10 young men entered the city through the sea route, armed with weapons and ammunition, and spread out to several prime locations to begin their attacks.

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Lobbing grenades and firing weapons, they entered hotels, a railway station and several other buildings, creating a hostage situation and killing scores and wounding even more.

India has been shaken repeatedly by terror attacks blamed on militants in recent years, but this was more sophisticated — and more brazen. Through this photofeature, we revisit the painful memories of the well-orchestrated terror attacks on Mumbai.(AFP photo)

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8 Years Ago: Remembering the Attacks of 26/11

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