10 Chocolates That Made Your Childhood Awesome

Before chocolates like Snickers and Ferreros took over the globe of childhood in India, there was the standard world of the 90s. Parle was the mother of our toffees and Cadbury the daddy of chocolates. Ferreros were for the Wealthy Rich of the category and it had been an enormous deal if somebody truly brought that to highschool. each function at school meant obtaining a lollipop or a pair of toffees. One would always notice a child secretly praying that he/she gets the red lollipop or the orange toffee. All of this sounds like a remote memory nowadays. we tend to bring you twenty mouth watering toffees that completely dominated the world of 90s. If you’re a child from the 90s, this one is definitely going to bring a smile on your face.

Chocolates Everywhere.. 😛

1. Guru Chela

Guru Chela: Most people bought this not just for the style, but conjointly for the packet. The packet had an image of a “guru” (boss) that immediately changed into a “chela” (follower) once turned the other way up. it absolutely wassuch a big deal; we kept turning the packet all day.

2. Poppins

Poppins: the foremost fashionable pack of toffees. Plus, we might share it with everybody (although, we wish to newver do it!). All flavours in one pack, heaven!

3. Mango Bite

Mango Bite: Mango in a toffee; who wouldn’t need this? it had been conjointly the foremost common factor any chacha/mama bought for us.

4. Nutties:

You miss this one the most. Remember how difficult it was to tear the foil sometimes? We actually had to use scissors to cut open the packet!

5. Pan Pasand:

It wasn’t a big deal if we couldn’t have pan or meetha pan; we had Pan Pasand. Pan in a toffee, life’s good!

6. Phantom Cigarettes:

First up, smoking isn’t cool, but at that point of time, we found it very “cool” and “stylish”. Therefore, Phantom Sweet Cigarettes; we could act like we were smoking and eat the cigarette too. LOL

7. Rol-a-Cola:

Coco Cola in a toffee, are you kidding me? No it cant be real O.o Just gimme that!

8. Kismi:

The epic chocolate with a strong flavor of elaichi (cardamom). How can we forget the fun – we used to have along with name of these choclates.. and thoses kisses we took in name of Kismi 😛

9. Pim Pom:

Lollipop meant Pim Pom, period.

10. Big Babol gum:

There was Boomer too, but Big Babol taught us how to blow a chewing gum into a balloon. Remember the ad from the 90s, the kid blows a big balloon from the gum, it bursts and all of it sticks to his face. Ha Ha!
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Have any memories of your childhood with these chocolates? Share below 🙂

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