Interesting Stuff You May Not Know

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The world is full of interesting things. Here are some stuff you probably didn’t know

If you eat a polar bear’s liver, you will die of Vitamin A overdose.

LEGO makes more tires than any other company in the world. Including actual tire companies.

All American flags on the moon have been bleached white by radiation from the sun.


A blue whale’s heart is roughly the size of a volkswagen Beetle, and its aorta is large enough for a human to crawl through.


There are 18.6 million vacant houses in the United States. That’s enough for every homeless person in America to have six.

Baboons will occasionally adopt feral puppies and raise them as pets.

In 1977, researchers detected a strong radio signal from space that lasted for 72 seconds. It hasn’t been detected since.

The planet neptune has barely completed one orbit since its discovery in 1846.

Pluto hasn’t completed a full orbit since its discovery and won’t until march 23, 2178.

The combined weight of all ants on earth is about the same as the combined weight of all humans.

It takes our brains 80 milliseconds to process information. That means we are all living ever so slightly in the past.


Putting dry tea bags in smelly shoes will absorb the odor.

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There are more possible games of chess than there are atoms in the known universe.

Alexander the Great conquered half the known world by the age of 22. 

Breathing in Mumbai for a day is equivalent to smoking two and a half pack of cigarettes.


Insect wings have tiny pillars that kill bacteria by physically tearing it to shreds.

John Tyler, America’s 10th president, has two grandsons who are still alive today.


Every human is born with the ability to wiggle their ears. If you don’t discover it early, the muscle atrophies.

110 people once tied for 2nd prize in the powerball lottery after playing the same lucky numbers from a fortune cookie.

Collectively, humans have spent almost 13,261 years watching the ‘Gagnam Style’ video.


The surface area of Russia is slightly larger than dwarf-planet pluto.

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The sound of every shrimp snapping their claws at once would reach 246 decibels, potentially making shrimp the loudest animal in the ocean.

Mount Aragats and stars on the night sky_Ultra HD

Because it takes so long for the light to reach earth many of the stars you see at night are long gone.


The entire current population of Earth could fit inside texas, and it would still be less crowded than New York City.


Maudie Hopkins was the last known widow of a civil war veteran. She died in 2008.


A can of diet coke floats in water, but a can of regular coke sinks.

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Interesting Stuff You May Not Know

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