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Zakir Naik involved in Unlawful Activities

Mumbai: In an interview on Tuesday, Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra mentions that Islamic Preacher, Zakir Naik is involved in unlawful activities.

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Investigation on activities of Zakir Naik:

  • The organisation of Zakir Naik, Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is under investigation.
  • All the activities of the IRF are being scanned by the investigators to find out the possibilities of him influencing Dhaka Terror attack.
  • Mumbai police is focusing on his speeches which tends to provoke terrorism.
  • Devendra Fadavnis said Mumbai reporters,“The report has made observations about him (Naik) making (critical) comments on other religion and belittling them – an action that would cause disharmony in society. The report also has details of countries that have banned him or his organisations. The Government is examining the report which have several aspects that are in the domain of the Centre.”
  • The further action regarding the case would be under the guidance of Union Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Details of how this 50-year-old turned preacher has been submitted. He also said,“Prima facie, there have been violations (of rules). The report has indicted Zakir Naik and his organisation.”
  • Zakir Naik if refuses to co-operate with Indian government regarding the case, Devendra Fadavnis says,“There is zero tolerance policy toward terror across the world. And besides, we have extradition treaties with almost every country. If needed, the Centre would take help from foreign governments to extradite him.”
  • Mumbai Police is also working on how the IRF is receiving funds through out the world.
  • On the lengthy interview via Skype from Saudi Arabia, he defended himself saying the charges against him is all rubbish.
  • Stating that he is a “messenger of peace”, Naik had accused Indian media of running a trial against him by highlighting “unverified” reports and “doctored” clippings and showing his statements out of context.

zakir naik

“IRF is a research body that promotes greater awareness of Islam and its tenets. Dr Zakir Naik is an expert in comparative religion and has been conducting well- researched talks on Islam and other religions across the world,” the release said.

Based on the investigations held by Mumbai Crime Branch against Zakir Naik’s IRF, opinion of banning the organisation favors the government.
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