Mr Manik Sarkar – The Politician This Country Needs

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Tripura: One of many honest persons is  Mr Manik Sarkar, Chief Minister, Tripura. He has been elected consecutively for fourth terms as Chief Minister. Here are the things you should know bout him:

  • He is the poorest but also the Purest Chief Minister in India.
  • He has been elected as chief minister consecutively for fourth term,one more than Narendra Modi’s three terms,but zero publicity in our media.
  • Manik Sarkar does not own a home even when he is into politics since long time. Like others earn millions following corruption.
  • Mr Manik Sarkar’s bank account shows a balance of Rs.6500/-.
  • He donates all his salary to CPI (M), and party gives him sustenance allowance of Rs 5000/- month.
  • His wife never uses official vehicle and can very easily be seen on Rickshaw in Agartala.
  • Even his worst opponents admit that Manik Sarkar is an impeccably honest man, certainly a rare variety among politicians today.

Manik Sarkar

Now, compare these with other chief ministers or politicians, who have assets worth crores of rupees! Most of the ministers here are corrupt and only focuses on filling their pockets ignoring their duties and forgetting their vows taken before taking their responsibilities in hand.

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Apart from honesty, Mr Manik Sarkar has been impetuous for the development of the state which includes better connectivity and development of IT sector in state. He was also responsible for bringing the concept of public-private partnership and invigorated private intervention, particularly in the IT sector.

He demands nothing from us but some respect and a little bit recognition!

There are hardly people like him who truly works for the betterment of the country and works with full dedication.

Manik Sarkar

Are you really a true Indian?

Share this post and make the people around you know about Manik Sarkar! Let them also know about his honesty and love towards the country.

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Mr Manik Sarkar – The Politician This Country Needs

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