Dogs For Lazy Owners

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Dogs are the best companion for humans. Many people decide to bring home a dog cause they just need a cutesy little dog to love and end up spending a ton of time and money to pick out the perfect dog for them. After a few months you get busy and end up ignoring the dog or not being able to spend enough time with it. That’s when you realize that taking care of a dog is no joke but hard work.

A dog is not a lawn ornament or a household decoration. It needs attention, affection, mental simulation, grooming and physical activity. Food, water and shelter aren’t enough.

So here are some breeds for people who want a dog companion but don’t intend on taking daily walks, spending money for training or grooming.

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10. Chihuahua


Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world. They were first discovered in 1850 in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, hence the name. They require minimal space, low training, barely any grooming and minimal exercise.

9. Rat Terrier

It was originally bred to control rats or any other vermin they could catch, hence the name Rat Terrier. Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th president of America hunted with them often. They require low space, low grooming, low training and low exercise.

8. Puggle

A Puggle is considered a recent crossbreed that is a mix of a Pug and a Beagle. He or she may be an original mix or a second or third generation. Puggles are low maintenance dogs that make excellent house pets.

7. Bulldog

Bulldogs were originally bred in the 1600s to hold bulls for butchers, and later used for fighting, or “bullbaiting”. When fighting was outlawed, breeders bred Bulldogs with gentler temperaments to soften the breed. They’re not an active breed of dogs and require low space or grooming.

6. Glen of Imaal Terrier

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The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a type of working dog from Ireland, bred for hunting vermin, badger-baiting and hunting fox. They require low space, low grooming, low training and low exercise.

5. Pug

Originating in China, Pugs were probably used as royal gifts or for barter in China as well as Tibet and Japan, eventually making their way over to Europe. They don’t require much space or training. They tend to shed quite a bit so grooming is required. Although they’re highly active you don’t want to exercise them too much.

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4. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff is a super large dog but requires very low maintenance. This powerful guard dog was developed in the mid-1800s as a cross between the English Mastiff and the Old English Bulldog. They were bred, not to attack intruders, but to stand in front of them or knock them down and hold them. For their size, they tend to be pretty low-energy dog.

3. Greyhound

Greyhounds have been around for some time, and can be traced to ancient Egypt and Greece and have often been used for hunting and herding throughout history. Yes, they do sprint fast, but they are not high-energy dogs.

2. Japanese Chin

Dog Breeds

The Japanese Chin, also known as the Japanese Spaniel, is actually believed to have originated in China and brought to Japan as a gift from a Chinese emperor. It was a popular dog of Japanese royalty and was introduced in Europe in the 1800s.

1. Bolognese – one of the cutest dog

This is a sturdy breed of Toy/Companion dogs without any particular genetic health problems. The Bolognese became popular as a companion dog among royal courts and nobility of Spain, and other parts of Europe, up to the early 1800’s. Requires minimal space and moderate grooming.

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Dogs For Lazy Owners

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