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Mumbai alerted for Heavy Rains for next 48 hours

Mumbai: The IMD, Mumbai has forecast of heavy rains for next 48 hours. There could be heavy rains in specifically two or more areas.

The jurisdictions by the IMD has also alerted the municipal corporations of Thane and Navi Mumbai. The rescue staff has been deputed in foothills and also low lying areas. They have been asked to reach out for help at problem points as soon as possible.

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In order to tackle problems caused to the city due to rains, TMC is already preparing themselves. A special meeting was chaired by mayor Sanjay More and civic commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal, attended by several corporators on Thursday, to streamline a plan to mitigate issues at perennial innundation spots in the city during the rains.

“We saw the news of the bridge collapse on TV. Since we were passing by, we decided to stop by and watch the helicopters flying low over the river in their search operations,” said a Pune resident, G Kumar, who stood there for over two hours despite cops urging motorists not to stop and create a ruckus.

Near Savitri river, hundreds of people were at the site when the search operations was held by National Disaster Response Force as many people were drowned due to heavy rains. It created more problems for the team.

mumbai heavy rains

The locals are requested not to get out of their home unless they have some important work. They are also expected not to create problems and in turn help people affected due to heavy rains. Already the locals are facing problems due to heavy rains to reach to their office place as the local trains are running late. Also there is water logging in low lying areas due to which the roads are mashed in the traffic.

“Ai dil hai mushakil jeena yaha, Zara hat ke zara bach ke, Ye hai bambai meri jaan”

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