First female President – Hillary Clinton won a Historic Nomination

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Hillary Clinton on Thursday night in Philadelphia adopted the nomination of the Democratic Party for the US presidential election in 2016, referring to the Voice of America .

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Coming on the scene, Hillary clinton especially thanked for the support and speeches at the Congress of the United States President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama.

Hillary praises her big rival Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton

Clinton also praised his main rival in the Democratic primaries, Sanders. She also noted that his social ideas are important and will be needed by the American Society. “Bernie Sanders and I will work together in order to make college tuition free for the middle class,” – Hillary Clinton said.

At the beginning of her speech, Clinton immediately criticized Republican candidate Donald Trump, who, according to her, trying to divide rather than to unite American society.

She noted that “we will not build a wall; instead we build an economy in which everyone who wants to get a well paid job, get it.”

Hillary promises well-paying jobs

Hilary clinton

Clinton also said that in her first 100 days in office, Hillary Clinton will work with both parties to make the biggest investments in well-paying jobs for Americans since the Second World War.

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She emphasized that aims to become the president of all Americans, regardless of their party affiliation.

“My main goal as president will be to create opportunities and good jobs with rising wages here in the United States from the first day in the Oval Office till the last. This is especially true of places that have been too long forgotten from poor urban areas to small towns – Indian territories and coal-mining region from the industrial Midwest to the delta of the Mississippi river, in the valley of the Rio Grande “-. Said Clinton.

Hillary Clinton on national security:

H. Clinton

Clinton stressed the serious need to make a choice the Americans in the field of national security, in view of the “threats and turbulence,” which can be seen from Baghdad and Kabul, Nice, Paris and Brussels, as well as in the American San Bernardino and Orlando.

“I am proud that we have concluded the Iranian agreement without a single shot is now necessary to comply with its terms and to continue to maintain the security of Israel.” – Said Clinton.

Hillary Clinton also said that she is proud to “stand side by side with our allies in NATO in the face of all threats, including the threat from the Russian side.”

“Every generation of Americans to come together to make our country free, fair and strong None of us can do it alone The world is watching us So, the fate of America – Let us be more together in our hands.” – Added Hillary Clinton.

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First female President – Hillary Clinton won a Historic Nomination

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