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Parle G factory in Mumbai shuts down

Mumbai: Parle G factory in Vile Parle, Mumbai is shutting down. It is almost 87 year old factory and is also world’s one of the largest selling brand. Here are the details of the company:
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  • Parle G’s company owner Vijay Chauhan decided to take a call and shut down the unit which is located in Mumbai.
  • The production capacity in the local factory is declining day by day.
  • Arup Chauhan, Parle Products executive director, “Production at the time of closure was negligible. It didn’t make commercial sense to keep it running.
  • The children of the near by schools were always welcomed with open arms to learn about the making of the biscuits and candies. They started with this long before, an edutainment theme park for children, came calling in Ghatkopar.
  • “I am unhappy about the news. I live in the neighbourhood and the delicious smell in the air will be greatly missed,” a local told news agency ANI.
  • It still competes with its rival companies like that of ITC and Britannia industries.
  • Overall 40% of the total share of the company is in the biscuit market.

Parle G

History of Parle G:

In 1929, the factory just used to make sugar candies wrapped in a transparent paper and was sold in the local grocery stores. The main production of the biscuit started in 1939. As the time passed by it gained a great position in not only national markets but also in the international markets. It was considered among the one of the world’s largest biscuit producer.

About the current position:

The parle products are one of the largest producers and also the food players in the country. The company is facing gradual decrease in the production and so the owner decided to shut it down as he thinks it is not worth if the company’s earnings are negligible.

There would be no more aroma of the Parle G biscuit for the people passing by the road. One of the resident near the factory says, ” The aroma of the freshly baked biscuits would be missed.”

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