Ideas to fill your wardrobe with clothes during crisis: part 2

In my previous blog I had mentioned few Ideas to fill your wardrobe with clothes during crisis. Here are few more ideas to save you when you are broke
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Do not skimp on the essentials.


And the main thing in your wardrobe be it clothes, bag or shoes. It may be only one of each type of position, but these things should be quality. Because they create the main impression of your wardrobe.

Create a wish list for your wardrobe.


Focus on not only the clothes that have already been bought, but what you have tried, but are not ready to buy. Upon receipt of regular funds from online sales, or on the day the premium you have to circle the shopping malls in search of something such. You will always know where and what kind of clothes are crazily waiting for your wardrobe.

The city takes courage.

Do not be afraid to combine incongruous! Only you decide what is fashionable today in your own world, and what is not. If the neck is stretched on a T-shirt (or you just do not want today neckline), slide it backwards, nobody will notice. If you feel tired legs ahead of time, to the shirt and jacket easily wear sneakers. Play with textures and fabrics of your clothes; try silk cotton, viscose linen, experiment. It is very exciting!

Do not make any sudden movements buying clothes.


Reckless pursuit of fashion is long ago replaced by a sensible approach. Do not buy a thing if she just liked, but you will never wear it with anything. Put on hand until tomorrow, think about it a little, and visualize the photographs of your wardrobe. If in the morning you wake up and realize that a type of clothes are still in your heart, and it has a rightful place in your collection – then go for the coveted purchase.
The most important thing – it always be true to yourself and do not try to conform to something or someone to please. Bright personality – this is the best suit in today’s fast world. And for everything else there is a stylist. Treat, I’m happy to help disassemble, alter, buy or order!
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