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Petrol pumps may run dry from August 1

Mumbai: Owners of petrol pumps will protest against the new ‘no helmet, no petrol’ directive. On wednesday it was reported that no petrol would be purchased from August 1, 2016.

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Petrol Pump Owners against the directive:

  • Around 223 petrol pumps would be protesting against the new directive of the state.
  • The state started with ‘no helmet, no petrol‘ campaign in order to avoid the road accidents.
  • Ravi Shinde of Petrol Pump Association said that, “We will empty whatever stocks are at the pumps till july 31, after which there could be a shortage of fuel supply at the pumps.”
  • Shinde said in an interview, “We had initially planned a work-to-rule protest by keeping pumps open only between 9am to 6pm from August 1. But at a closed-door meeting in Mumbai region on Wednesday, we take an aggressive stance and stop purchasing fuels at the pumps from August 1. This could inconvince the scores of motorists. In case, the government accepts our demands, we may not record to this extreme step.”
  • Petrol pump owners cannot call for strike as it is an essential commodity.
  • “We cannot say no to our customers”, said Shinde.
  • A change new clause is demanded by the dealers which mentions about ‘action against petrol pump owners’, if petrol is given to a customer who is not wearing the helmet.
  • The association has planned to move to Bombay High Court if the state fails to accept the demands.

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Shinde also added, “We have repeatedly mentioned that policing is not our job.”

The petrol pump owners only promised to help police department but now it seems they have delegated the job which is not tolerable. The plan was to inform the police about the drivers not wearing helmet and impose fines on offenders. But the directive of the State is taking a new turn.

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