Modi Government trying to get Kohinoor diamond back

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New Delhi: India is trying to bring the Kohinoor diamond back and trying “ways and means for obtaining a satisfactory resolution”, even when UK government said that there are no legal grounds for India to claim the possession of the Kohinoor diamond.

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Modi government tries to get Kohinoor Diamond:

  • External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj held a top-level meeting over the same issue.
  • “As far as this issue is concerned, there are no legal grounds for restitution”, said Alok Sharma, Minister of Asia and Pacific affairs for UK.
  • The Kohinoor Diamond is around 108 caret which is currently on the Royal Crown in Tower of London.
  • “The Ministry of External Affairs is exploring ways and means for obtaining a satisfactory resolution to this issue (of bringing back Kohinoor) with the UK government,” Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma said in a written reply in Rajya Sabha.
  • Another meeting will be scheduled next month on certain terms and conditions which mainly says that India would not talk about other artefacts lying in the museum in British apart from Kohinoor diamond.
  • The Modi goverment is ready to bear the cost i.e $200 million after receiving it.

Kohinoor Diamond

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Many efforts are being taken by the Modi’s government after PM Narendra Modi asked his ministers to try all the ways they can to bring the Kohinoor Diamond back. Although Alok Sharma says it is really difficult to make ways for Kohinoor towards INDIA. Britishers took this diamond from India before our country gained Independence.

The gem is always under the disputes as four countries including India claims the possession of the diamond. Originally it was found in 14th century in southern India which was large and colourless and and it named as Kohinoor as it means a mountain of light. It is said that the Kohinoor Diamond was gifted to Queen Victoria by Maharaja Duleep Singh. At he end the government changed its stand against the same.

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Modi Government trying to get Kohinoor diamond back

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