Ideas to fill your wardrobe with clothes during crisis: Part 1

Guess what all the girls in the spring think about? Well, of course, a new wardrobe and fresh clothes! What girls are afraid of? Be careful not to leave shopping malls all their savings.

Try these ideas to reinvent your wardrobe even when you are broke

Disassemble your wardrobe.

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… And ruthlessly set aside all that you do not wear, “gifted by aunt.”, “and suddenly the leopard again come into vogue”, “bought but never fitted me right,” etc.

Apply the principle of “Three piles”.

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Lay out all your clothes into three piles. First – the one that you will never, under any circumstances, be using any longer. With it, there are two solutions: throw / give to someone or sell via the Internet. Second – this is what you like, wear it you are sitting well, etc. A handful of the third – it is your creativity! Take out scissors, sewing machine and whatever you think might make your clothes trendy.

Be creative!


The things that are very dear to your heart, but you do not know what to do with them. These things, as a rule, you can alter, update, for example, take off pockets and sleeves. And then instead of the old coat use it as a vest at the Balenciaga style, instead of the long skirt – elegant mini and boots spray painted acrylic, will resemble the shoes from the collection.

Sell some clothes.


Many people are not used to selling clothes, but now everything, not just a new, it is easy to attach and easy through the numerous groups in social networks and sites. You will be surprised how much money you will have on new purchases.
Rule: Earning from the sale of things to spend money only on a new wardrobe!

Selfies should become a habit.


If you consider yourself as above this teenage fun, you will have to sacrifice principles. All combinations of clothes in your wardrobe should be painstakingly filmed and stored in a separate folder on your phone in a special application or any resource that you understand the cloud. Without losing patience, to be photographed ensembles straight at you in the mirror (you to remember, as it sits), so that each item in your wardrobe was involved.
Now, waking up in the morning, you are no longer a mosque in search of something better among garment heap. You just look in “what to wear” folder and choose what you wear, from ready-made assemblies, where all things are combined with one another. It is unbelievable saves time and nerves.



Do not worry because of the six-digit price tags in high street shops and expensive boutiques. Note the new design brands, as well as a variety of accounts to the Instagram. They are at affordable prices and you can order the original and stylish things. Follow the market, where things are very good brands exhibited at deep discounts.

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