Clothing in boho style – feminine and unique image

Boho Style – This particular trend in fashion affects not only the choice of clothing and the creation of images, but also in the life style. Boho combines the features of different styles, for example, it is characterized by the elements of such directions as vintage, ethnic and hippie. Most modern trends in fashion were created by designers and fashion designers. But boho style is not the creator, with the help of his girl express their inner peace and protest against any restrictions.

The main features of boho style:

Use natural and handmade stuff


Things to such an image usually are made from natural fabrics. The color palette is also close to natural reasons, different shades of saturation, but not brightness and excessive aggressiveness.

Welcome things handmade. It can be ornaments and baubles from scrap or natural materials. On his robe embroidered or crocheted elements may be present.

Mix ‘n match a lot of things


A large amount of jewelry can be used to create an image in the boho style. They can be large or elegant, aged, or created on ethnic grounds. But do not overload the image, monochrome outfit suggests a greater amount of jewelry and clothing with prints less. Another characteristic feature of the style of boho – a multi-layered. Several things can be put on top of one another.

You should feel free with boho style

The image should be natural and the clothes do not prevent you from moving freely. This is the main requirement to things in this style – comfort and practicality. Your onions should not cause association with something artificial or pretentious.

Carefree attitude

Another characteristic feature is a kind of negligence in the image. This can be expressed by a slightly rumpled fabrics, rolled up sleeves or unbutton. Hair should also be laid naturally, but be slightly disheveled.

If it has rules, it is not boho

Boho rejects all rules, which sets the fashion industry. When creating an image, use only your intuition and taste. After all, what is written in the fashion magazines, invented by the same people, just like you. The price of things worn by you, do not play any role. In one image may be present as cheap and expensive clothes. For example, well-known brands things are perfectly combined with their low-cost Chinese or Indian counterparts.

Your image in the boho style must be unique and reflect your view of the world. Clothing should be ideally suited for your type of appearance. Individuality – this is the main principle of this style. Feel free to go to experiment and trust your taste!

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