Why Ben Affleck Is The Best Batman!

There was a lot of anger and frustration from the Batman fans when Ben Affleck was cast as the new Batman. After Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice unveiled Affleck as the new Bruce Wayne, many people were still not so pleased and preferred the role of Christian Bale in the Nolan Series to be much better.

Anyone who has seen Dawn of Justice would know who won the fight between Batman and Superman, only if Batman hadn’t pussied out in the last moment.

The contest is more or less between Christian Bale and Ben Affleck as no one would vouch for Val Kilmer or George Clooney. Michael Keaton remains a legend but that was decades ago.

Although Batman is known to have a small role in the upcoming movie “Suicide Squad”, Batman fans would be eagerly waiting for “Justice League” as it features Batman is a more central role.

Getting to it, here’s 10 reasons why Ben Affleck is the best Batman ever!

10. The Bat-Suit:

Christian Bale’s bat-suit was a greatly improved design over TIm Burton’s version, including being more flexible so Bale could actually turn his head. Bale’s suit does look a bit gimpy (At-least no Bat-Nipples).


Ben Affleck’s costume on the other hand is straight out The Dark Knight Returns which is simply more bad-ass. It looks much bulkier and more dangerous. This is the Batman comic book fans have been waiting for.

9. The Bat-Cave:


Look at the two images and decide; if you were Batman, what cave would you prefer to have? Bale’s Cave (Above) or Affleck’s Cave (Below)?

8. The Bat-Mobile:

Classic Bat-Mobile

Affleck’s bat-mobile definitely will cause a stir in the comic section. Nolan’s ultra-realistic bat-mobile looked like a military vehicle, cause it actually was one! Although it looked pretty bad-ass it was nothing like we’ve ever seen and didn’t really resemble the classic bat-mobile seen in comics and movies previously.

Nolan’s Tumbler

Affleck’s version combines the best of Burton’s & Nolan’s design. While still armored like the Tumbler (Nolan’s Bat-Mobile), this version appears to be much more sleeker and more maneuverable.

Affleck’s Bat-Mobile

7. Gotham City:

Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City was a bit boring. It look like Chicago adding a bit of extra buildings to the shot. Although the distance between Gotham and Metropolis seems kinda close the production design for Zack Snyder’s version was much more richer and contained more details, like the graffiti through out the city. You would actually believe that a Batman would be roaming this world. In Nolan’s version batman look out of place fighting in downtown Chicago broad daylight.

6. The Action:


After watching the amazing fight sequences from Batman Vs. Superman you realize how weak Nolan’s fight choreography was. Nolan’s definition of action seemed to consist of a bunch of blurry cuts with none matching the choreography.

Snyder’s warehouse fight scene looked like one continuous take. Which made a much more impressive sequence. It was much more bad-ass with gunshots to the back of the head, knifes to the chest and crates being swung from across the room.


5. Batman Kills:


Batman has one rule: He Doesn’t Kill. All on screen versions of Batman has broken this rule to varying degrees but none have been so flagrant about it as Zack Snyder. But is this a bad thing? Could the real life Batman operate efficiently with such a rule in place? Snyder’s Batman may have killed people openly unlike other versions. Keton strapped a bomb to Joker’s waist and Bale was directly responsible for the death of Talia and her truck driver. So if you’re gonna have Batman kill, do it boldly.

4. Interaction With Other Super-Heroes:


Christopher Nolan’s movies are all about Batman. But in Snyder’s version we get to see him interact with other superheroes for the first time. This makes for a much more interesting story than a simple good buy Vs bad guy plot line.

Seeing the interaction between Batman, Superman & Wonder Women makes it a dream come true for the comic fans and we can’t wait for the Justice League to introduce The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman.

Justice-League-2017 (2)

3. A Better Alfred:

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Snyder added some interesting new twists to the Batman Universe. Alfred is now much younger and more tactical. Which would make sense as he’s worked for Batman for 20 plus years. In Tim Burton’s movies Alfred serves soup. In Batman Vs. Superman, we even see Alfred flying drones and building bat-suits. The interactions between Alfred and Batman are much more intense and fascinating to watch.


2. Bruce Wayne:

maxresdefault (3)

Many believe that are only two parts to the Batman; The Dark Knight & Bruce Wayne. But there is a third persona, a sort of middle ground where Batman is constantly torn between the two personalities. Ben Affleck demonstrates this conflict in Batman Vs. Superman without saying much. With Affleck we get a much better separation between Batman and Bruce Wayne, both in terms of wardrobe and visual style but also different personalities.


Bale’s Bruce Wayne consists of falling asleep, acting drunk and insulting people and he was a generally unlikable character which isn’t really Bruce Wayne.

With Ben Affleck’s version we see a Bruce Wayne that values the people who work for him and he even tries to save some of them from the destruction. This version of Bruce Wayne is a more sympathetic character.

1. The Voice:

maxresdefault (4)

“WHERE ARE THEY WHERE IS SHE” Bale’s growl as Batman was plain annoying.

Ben Affleck’s Batman uses a voice modulator to ensure that the voice is completely scrambled which makes practical sense and sounds bad-ass.

batman ben affleck
batman ben affleck
So which Batman do you prefer: Christian Bale or Ben Affleck, comment and let us know!

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