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Pokemon GO will soon release some major updates

The phenomenon of the game Pokemon GO, day after day, is carrying away the expanses of virtual worlds to more and more inhabitants of the globe. This is at the same time surprising up to an incredibly shocking level. Familiar to most of us the concept of augmented reality is closely intertwined with one of the main headlining the late 90s, forcing the game to try to practically everyone, rarely allowing to return the habitual way of life. In short, what could be better than Pokemon?

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New updates: Pokemon GO.


Despite the runaway success of Pokemon GO, its creators from the company Niantic Labs and do not think to rest on its laurels, conducting active work on the first addition to the game. The new expansion pack, the official release date of which is still secret, will significantly expand the boundaries of what is permitted, by adding new ways to interact with pokemons improved trade principle, as well as a wide range of prizes for players who found pokestop.

Pokemon founder cannot wait to introduce new innovations

pokemon go

According to company founder Niantic John Hanke, who spoke at the conference Comic-Con, his team cannot wait to share with fans of interesting innovations of Pokemon GO, which will appear in the game for several months and even years. For example, developers are seriously considering the introduction of a fundamentally new possibility of breeding Pocket monster directly in the application, added to the game unique monsters and motivating tasks for long walks.

Niantic John Hanke says:

pokemon go

“We were initially opposed to the game to give the status of fitness apps or something like that – said casually CEO Niantic Labs. – I have children, and I think, it is not necessary to speak to them that Pokemon GO as good for them, [as well as sports]. Nevertheless Pokemon GO – it’s a great excuse to go out, to walk, to know their city better and how to have fun with like-minded people.”

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