6 Ways To Make Her Go Crazy About You

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A women is no doubt an amazing gift of god. On that note I’m proud of myself for being a women. But do you know what girls love?

If a man has a women who takes care of him, who loves him unconditionally and even annoys him, at the most, is the luckiest person. But men keep complaining about the problems they face while being in a relationship with a women.

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These are the few thing that girls love, have a look what girls love in reality, which might help in sorting out differences.

1. When She Buries Her Head On Your Chest:


This is the best position they like, Men feel quite responsible and women feel secure.

2. Play With Her Hair:


Not only seeking physical pleasure but taking care as the expression of love and affection.

3. Appreciable Comment On Facebook:

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She loves it when you openly praise and show love to her on social platform

4. Be A Good Listener:

Girls are famous as chatter box. They irritate men quite often. But if you sometimes pay attention when she speaks and notice every small thing, she loves it.

5. Text Or Call Her While Being With Friends:


She actually appreciates the habit of remembering her even being busy with friends.

6. Pay Attention To Her:


The way you correct her hair, catch her, hold her and hug her in public are the gestures she would love.

Tried or trying one of these? Let us know your thoughts in comments below and don’t forget – Sharing is Caring.. 😀

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6 Ways To Make Her Go Crazy About You

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