India ranks 4th in mobile applications economy

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Mumbai: India plays an active role in the launch of mobile applications and at this stage it is already the fourth-largest economy which is engaged in the launch of mobile applications, said the publication Times of India. Reportedly, there has been an increased amount of time that Indians spend on launching mobile applications.

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India competes closely with China, US and Brazil:

India mobile applications

Rated downloads of mobile applications for the year just ahead of China to India, the US and Brazil. At the moment, the overall percentage of downloads in India is 92% reaching 7.7 billion downloads, and it is expected that this number by 2020 will rise to 20.1 billion.

Indians use twice as much apps in 2016 compared to 2014

The amount of time that Indians spend on mobile application usage in 2016 has doubled in comparison with 2014 year. As for online shopping applications, Indians spend 11.5 times more time than previously. The main apps Indians are active users are:

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  • Flipkart
  • Myntra
  • Amazon
  • Snapdeal

The time spent on video views increased by 7.4 times. Hotstar and YouTube are the predominant sites of the Indians to view the video.

Travel and accommodation app was found in more than 25% Android users in India use at least one application (as Ola or Uber). This figure was the highest among the countries as the US, UK and Brazil.

India has a great mobile applications future ahead:

Currently, sites for the implementation of online sales attach great value through the sale of mobile applications, new strategies for using mobile applications have a very great success, although outdated sites Sales occupy a larger market share. Flipkart marks greater degree of popularity compared to Amazon website in the first half of 2016 by the Android users. Although the number of application downloads on Google and iOS, Amazon takes the same leading positions. South Asian region is a leader in the number of application downloads worldwide, only NV, the region accounted for 50% of all downloads.

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India ranks 4th in mobile applications economy

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