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Kabali: Fever of Rajnikanth spreading

Tamil Nadu: Kabali is an upcoming Tamil film which is directed and also written by Pa. Ranjith. The famous south Indian actor Rajnikanth is the lead actor in this film. This film is considered to be the 159th film of Rajnikanth where he will be seen as a Don in the film. The fever of the Film KABALI is spreading widely in south. People are really going crazy and awaiting for the release of the movie. Here are some of the crazy things people followed by the Rajnikanth’s fans:
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  • The movie would be release don Friday i.e 22nd July,2016 in 12000 screens.
  • In Chennai and Bangalore many of the companies have given holidays and distributed free tickets among their employees so that they can enjoy the movie with pleasure.
  • One of the firm says they did so to “avoid piled up leave requests to the HR department”.
  • Another firm says they declared holiday to “avoid sick leaves, mobile switch offs and mass bunks”.
  • A women fan in south has specially designed a saree for movie KABALI with Rajnikanth’s face on it.
  • Kabali is film based on labour class and so a fan decided to distribute welding glasses, helmets and gloves to the workers.
  • Luxury hotels in Bangalore are organising special shows with each ticket going for 1,300 rupees ($19; £14).
  • Air Asia Airlines has laid on a special Kabali flight from Bangalore to Chennai, featuring Rajinikanth’s favourite food and will be carrying 180 Rajinikanth fans to watch his film on the day of its release.


About the movie KABALI – Rajnikanth’s film:

The story goes something like this: The 55 year-old man who has lost his 25 years in prison, regains things which he had lost in that 25 years. This is the first Indian movie which will be released in Malay, which later would be released in different languages like that of Tamil, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese. Rajnikanth shot for constant 75 days with his white beard which is the highlight of the film according to the director. n an interview, director Ranjith has said that producer Thanu and Soundarya Rajinikanth requested him to edit the climax a little and have a happy ending for the fans. Later, Rajinikanth himself had called from the US and asked him not to change the climax. This has given rise to speculation that Kabali (Rajinikanth) might die in the end of the film.
The 65-year old filmstar is a father figure for many of the South-Indians. One of the fan of Rajnikanth’s promised to see 10 screenings back-to-back on Saturday.

The car drift shown in the teaser in the film Kabali was performed by Rajinikanth himself without any dupe. The whole team, including the stunt choreographers, were stunned by the the Superstar’s driving skills.

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