What To Eat When Dieting

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In theory, what to eat when dieting seems like a piece of cake. But when you actually get down to the business, it is very difficult process involving many suppressed temptations. It is so bad that you may even cry by looking at a plate of brownies.

Being on diet means eating selectively and being careful about the nutritional value of your food.

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Here’s a list of food you can eat while you are dieting

1. Almonds


They are packed with full of vitamin E, protein and fiber , they not only boost your skin but also keep you from feeling hungry for long time.


2. Leafy Green

They are the quickest way to flush out water retention and flatten a stubborn stomach. They contain various vitamins, minerals, high content of fiber and low amount of calories.


3. Dark Chocolate

For those of you with sweet tooth and for uncontrollable carving for desserts, pick a square or two of this. This contain way less fat than desserts and calms down your hunger.


4. Beans


They may be little, but each f it will come with a bunch of nutrients especially proteins and fiber. They remain low in calories and full of slow release energy. That means your muscles will get toned and make you feel less hungry.


5. Peppermint

It is known for its effective healing properties, But it is also very efficient for digestion. It is easily available in tea form for consumption. Three cups a day after every meal will keep the weighing scale and your stomach very happy.


6. Lemon

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Being a great taste enhancer, it also has high amount of pectin fiber. They raise the intestine’s pH level, thus aiding digestion and weight loss.


7. Cranberry Juice


An excellent antioxidant with high amount of vitamin C, It rids the excess fluid through excretion in the body. Have a glass in the morning before starting your day.


8. Avocados


Oleic acid is a compound in the fats present in an avocado that helps in suppressing the hunger for long time. Eat a quarter or half if this creamy fruit every morning and say goodbye to loose belly fat.


9. Olive Oil

That’s right, oil is on the list too. Replace your mustard oil and ghee with olive oil which also contain oleic acid the breaking down of fats.


10. Fish

It is an extremely protein rich food. Many types of white fish are extremely lean and fattier, but all prove to be extremely beneficial.


11. Apple and Pears

Very cheap but nevertheless a fruitful solution to your problem. For juice consumers, eating the fruit itself is more beneficial because the chewing motion of our teeth makes the brain comprehend  it as substantial eating. The fiber content keeps us full and they are also jam packed with antioxidants.


12. Eggs and Sausage


Eggs and sausage, an extremely protein rich meal for breakfast, makes you feel fuller right away no matter how big your appetite is. It is scientifically proven that you automatically consume less calories for the rest of the day.

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What To Eat When Dieting

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