Petrichor: The Scent of Rain On Dry Earth

Everybody enjoys the “earthly aroma” after it rains. The sweet distinctive smell that linger around in air is “Petrichor.” This phenomenon signals the arrival of spring and fills you up with joy.
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Actually the sweet smell is of the bacteria, Actinomycetes. These are type of filamentous bacteria that grow in soil when the conditions are damp or warm is what you snort.
When the soil dries, the bacteria produces spores, the wetness and the force of rain kick the spores in the air where the moisture that is after rain acts as aerosol.

The bacteria is extremely common and found all over the world, which explains the universal existence of sweet smell.
So, the aroma is nothing but an interplay of bacteria and the dampness that tickle your nasal cavity.

I wish I could capture this essence in a perfume bottle!
Yes, I’m a Petrichor! 😀 Share me!

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