How To Look Tall?

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“I’m not short, it’s just that my height is cute!”

Every girl dreams of looking sexy and tall, and trust me it’s easy. The way you dress up, the color you choose can give you the illusion of height. Human eyes are easy to fool and little hacks can do wonders.

These few tricks cannot increase your height, but can surely make you feel & look taller:

1. Go Monochrome

Don’t wear too many colors, as it blocks your appearance. Wearing single color from head to toe gives you the illusion of height. Kim Kardashian is 5 ft 2½ in or 159 cm.


2. Wear Vertical Stripes Often

Wearing vertical stripes makes you look taller and thin. Go for it even if it is more than your actual height. Lady Gaga’s height is 5ft 1in or 155 cm.


3. Go For High Waist Jeans

Wearing high waist jeans or ‘jeggings’ makes create an optical illusion, it makes your legs look long and you look taller. Jessica Simpson’s height is 5ft 3½ or 161 cm.


4. Avoid Wearing Crop Pants


Pants that cover the entire leg makes you look taller, so avoid wearing cropped pants.


5. Always Choose Dark Color Clothes


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Dark color clothes give you sleek and streamlined appearance and make your legs look taller.


6. Wear Fitted Clothes

Avoid wearing anything which give you a bulky look. Don’t be afraid to get your clothes altered to get them fit on your body.


7. Don’t Be Afraid Of Maxis


Go for a sleek one to make a maxi look good one you, you can even go for the column style dresses.

8. Don’t Over Dress

Simple makeup and jewelry will add class to the attire. Too much accessories and makeup will make you look tacky.

9. Choose Your Footwear Wisely

The kind of footwear you wear will also make you look taller.

Opt for flats that have pointy toes or strappy sandals. If you love wearing boots then pick the one which end just above the ankles.


10. Selective Hairstyle


This is great and yet so simple to add those extra inches to your overall appearance.

Simply hold your hair and tie a knot at the top of your head which breaks you from regular hairdo, or you can create a puff. Finally, carry yourself confidently, which is more important.

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How To Look Tall?

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