Everybody knows me and so do Dhaka killers: Zakir Naik

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Dhaka Bangladesh: The Mumbai based preacher, Zakir Naik was immediately defended by his brother-in-law claiming that he never intended to spread terrorism.

Zakir Naik

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  • The reports were dismissed regarding Zakir Naik spreading terrorism.
  • “He has never propagated terrorism. If someone picks and chooses some of his sentences for his own interest, that’s a different case. These are baseless allegations. Very soon he will be in India and he will clear his position. He will also face the media”, says Naik’s brother-in-law Mubarak Kapdi.
  • “With utmost confidence I can tell you that Dr Zakir Naik has never ever been instrumental in spreading hatred. His speeches all over the globe have never said terrorism should be encouraged, he has always gone against it“, stressed Naik’s trust manager Manzoor Shaikh.
  • Currently in Mecca, he said in one of the interview on Wednesday,”Many of the clips you find on YouTube are doctored and I have been quoted out of context.
  • He refused branding Osama Bin Laden saying,”I have not done research on him, I don’t know him. Neither do I call him a saint or a terrorist. Since I haven’t researched on him so how can I condemn him or condone him?”
  • One of the attacker of Dhaka followed Zakir Naik and considered him as his idol.
  • He says,”The largest percentage of my Facebook followers are from Bangladesh… 90 per cent of Bangladeshis would know me, including senior politicians, philanthropists, common men, students and more, 50 per cent would be my fans. Am I shocked that the attackers knew me? NO.”

Everybody is awaiting for Zakir Naik to return to India from Mecca and face media as he strongly claims he had no intentions of spreading terrorism. Although most of the people are firm on their thoughts of him being the culprit and responsible for spreading terrorism without using guns and explosives.

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Everybody knows me and so do Dhaka killers: Zakir Naik

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