Indians Are Fucked And Here's What Needs To Change

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Yes, I am an Indian. Many Indians would be fuming about what I would say next but this is something I’ve witnessed for years. Indians are fucked literally and I didn’t realize this until I visited other countries. I completely agree that a long time back I was one such people who I’ve mentioned below.

People might call me names and say that I’m not patriotic or anti-Indian or even asking me to be exiled from the country. But I felt these things need to be said about the people of this country.

India is a great country and has the potential to leave behind many of the western countries, but some of the citizens have been dragging the country down.

Now some may say that “small things” like littering doesn’t stop the progress of the country but it does affect it in the long run.

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Here are some of the stuff that the citizens of India need to change:

1. Traffic Rules? What is That?


All these signs – No Entry One Way, No Parking, Two-Wheeler only, Parking for the Physically Challenged means NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL.



The only rule that is followed about 75% is “Keep Left”. This is also followed when there are medians. Otherwise over taking on the other side is common. In any western countries there are a lot of strict driving rules. It’s about time the rules are make strict and punishment should be in order for those breaking this rule. Traffic rule violations in Mumbai have drastically risen from something about 12 Lakhs incidents in 2012 to about 29 Lakhs in 2015.


Most of the vehicles on the roads assume that they are in a race and drive as if there is an Olympic gold medal awaiting them when they reach their destination. Especially the motorists with the whole family in it (triples +) and also racing bikes. Even at 30 kmph, I get taken aback when a Kawasaki Ninja just zooms past the small gap between my car and an auto before me. Excuse me, some lane discipline please?

Corruption comes into play here as well. Many a time the traffic police will leave the violator by taking a bribe as low as Rs 50. Instead of being punished, these violators escape the fine and go ahead to breaking the same rule again. It’s about time the government takes strict action against the corrupt officials and those who break the rules.


2. No Sense of Pride for Historical Landmarks | Vandalizing Historical Monuments


Dear Sumit (and others like him), Send Soni an SMS. nobody gives a fuck who you love.



Writing on historical monuments, scribbling on them mostly to proclaim/ announce their love to the world. How romantic! ABC loves XYZ, OPR Weds DEF and so on.

Wouldn’t their lives be easier if they proclaimed their love with the same courage that made them scribble on these historical monuments, after all writing on historical monuments is a punishable crime.

Travel guide books of India give wonderfully written descriptions of famous monuments, museums, historical landmarks to see. What they often forget to include is the rampant graffiti scrawled across walls, or etched into stone. Indians are infatuated with letting the world know they visited a particular place. As tourists we are bombarded with talk of how proud Indians are of their country. Yet locals and traveling Indians can’t seem to find personal restraint from defacing property which is hundreds, sometimes thousands of years old.

I’ve been told this is bad education, poor moral character. I’ve never caught anyone in the act during all my travels. One day I hope to meet up with an individual so I can ask, what are you doing and why? Is it really necessary to burn your initials into this tree?

Why not make your own life easier rather than destroying vandalizing such beautiful art forms?

 These monuments define our country. STOP MAKING IT YOUR NOTEBOOK!

3. Stop Ogling! Why Do You Keep Staring?

Roads, restaurants, public transports etc. Everywhere you go! There are men ogling at women and foreigners even more so.

The problem faced by girls due to eve teasing is a big concern and it’s a shame that still they have to suffer this humiliation from day to day life .

Going to western countries you see that people are not bothered where you’re from. No one stares making others feel uncomfortable.

Most of such foreigners don’t even notice we’re being stared at in their normal surroundings. Cross the Atlantic into a foreign country and they’re suddenly blindingly aware of the different characteristics of the Indian population.



Some try to justify this pathetic habit by saying they stare because they are interested in you; Your fashion, your mannerisms, your speech, your approval or disapproval of their country.

But the people who think that it doesn’t matter if the guy are eve teased or sexually abused. To all those people you can’t portray a crime as a good deed if you just change the victim… It’s still a crime on human level.


4. Petting Zoo On The Road


Cows, Buffaloes, Dogs, Goats, Horses roam around in the roads along with the Audi’s, Trucks, SUVs. Some of them just sit in the middle of the road, taking a sun bath or emptying their bowels.

The government of India needs to do something about this and move such “street animals” to a shelter.


But I can vouch for one thing: They are a way lot better than people who do all of the above on purpose.

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5. Indian Standard Time

Planned a meeting at 9:30? Expect your guests to arrive closer to 9:45-10:00, possibly even 10:30. Indians move to a different time schedule jokingly referred to as Indian Standard Time. It’s not for a lack of clocks. Mobile phones are a personal fixture and everyone is checking them constantly. Punctuality in India is not the same as in the western world; however this is changing with the rapid integration of western standards within the country.

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Tourists using a car and driver service will experience this at least once during a tour of India. A 9:00 AM scheduled departure may end up being closer to 9:30. The excuse? The car didn’t start, it needed to be washed, the driver was asking directions, etc. How do you react to this? You don’t. Let the driver save face and chalk it up to your first encounter with IST.

6. I’m in a big hurry! Everyone’s In A Hurry!

According to the sign, the queue forms here. I’ll stand in line here with the rest of the…hey wait a minute, that guy just cut in front of me. Hey wait! That guy just cut in front of…

And so goes the experience where queues are involved in India. Talk of corruption is rampant throughout the media and within inner circles. Yet, these are the same people who believe lines are not for them. Indians think nothing of cutting in front of each other in traffic. Heck, most of them don’t even look when merging into your lane. It’s expected that you will see them merging and thus, fall back to make room. While standing at a ticket window after waiting in queue for ten minutes at a railway station, you’ll be pushed from all directions by arms holding wads of money while shouts erupt behind you. Movie theaters, museums, festivals; Anywhere a crowd gathers you can expect to be pushed to the end of the line unless you quickly adapt. There is a fine line between Indian queue etiquette and aggressive western behavior. Learn the difference fast!

It’s rather poetic; Indians Are Always In A Hurry Yet Never Arrive On Time


7. Spitting On Roads, Offices, Theaters, Malls, Train Stations, Everywhere!

I find nothing more stupid and annoying then people spitting on the roads, on the highways, on the sidewalks, in government buildings (seriously). Anywhere and everywhere I see people are spitting. Firstly already a whole lot of population consumes Paan or Gutkha (tobacco) which is already harmful and now they will keep on spitting it everywhere.

Drive a bike and you will see people with their helmets raised to their noses or pulled down to their chins just because they want to spit the tobacco they are chewing.

Auto rickshaw drivers spitting as if the whole road is there spittoon. I have had numerous experiences where I yelled at people on road for spitting at the traffic stop or while driving without having a sense of hygiene and destroying the aesthetics of the place as if they own the road.

It looks so gross in the images, imagine witnessing it on a daily basis.


Connaught Place, Delhi (Image Above) – The largest financial, commercial and business centers in New Delhi. Every corner of CP is like this only.


A government office back doors any single day.


Everyone in India pass by such places everyday and see people spit like this every day. Even after introducing Swachh Bharat, this is the condition of Indian roads and buildings. Because its the people’s mentality that is causing the problem.

We Can Clean The Roads, How Do We Clean Their Brains?


8. Anywhere & Everywhere Is A Toilet


This is probably the most pathetic and the most disgusting habit. Peeing on the roads. You can find numerous number of people who go as they like and where they like. “DO NOT URINATE HERE” signs are ignored just like the traffic rules.


The Police cannot stop them, cause they do the same!


The Police cannot stop them for those caught using the streets of Mumbai as a public toilet, the pavement is not the only thing to face getting wet. Vigilantes have been patrolling the Indian city with a water tanker – and spraying anyone who urinates in public. The vehicle, dubbed the ‘Pissing Tanker’, features a huge water canon, a logo of a person urinating and a large red sign, reading: ‘You Stop, We Stop’.


9. Apathy Toward Animals

Trusts for tiger preservation, prevention of cruelty to elephants and a modest group of other NGO’s are gaining traction within the country. But the general reaction to animals by Indians can be sickening. Elephants are pulled from their mothers at an early age only to be beaten, starved, and drugged into submission for later use at temples and popular tourist sites. Stray dogs continue to be a tremendous burden on the country. Sterilization campaigns in the largest cities have been received with mixed results. Perilous reports of continued poaching of endangered species continues with seemingly no triumphant end. Urbanization to house an overpopulated country pushes monkeys, birds, reptiles and countless other species further and further away from their natural habitats.


Jallikattu is an event held in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations on Mattu Pongal day. Bulls are bred specifically by people of the village for the event and attended mainly by many villages’ temple bulls. A temple bull is like the head of all cattle in a village; special rituals will be performed for this temple bull during important days.


The most recent being the above photo, where a man throws a dog from the terrace while another records it on camera.

Indians will stand up to others countries from killing animals (Yulin Dog Meat Festival) and remain oblivious to animal cruelty in their own countries.

Cows are sacred. Monkeys are revered. The rest of the animal kingdom in India, eh, not so much of a big deal.


10. Complaining

We do not want to follow rules, maintain cleanliness in our surroundings, give bribes to get work done immediately, don’t want to respect people who teach us rules and then go on to complain how inadequate our Governments are.

Having a complete disregard for rules, cleanliness, encouraging corruption and mocking the Government for its inadequacy.

Even if our Government is or was inadequate, it doesn’t give us the right to make matters worse.  Does it?

So these are some of the things that I find annoying and frustrating about us Indians. I know many of the problems are universal here, but they are equally annoying in the Indian context as well and awareness as well as acceptance is definitely the key to get rid of such an annoyance.

Critics are most welcomed! 😉 😛

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Indians Are Fucked And Here's What Needs To Change

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