Flaws in Women Most Men are Insanely Attracted to

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Family Research psychologists have given unexpected results. They showed what men like in women, not only their good things but also their flaws.

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We give you a list of 10 women’s flaws which, according to experts, make females more attractive in the eyes of a man.

1. Messy hair


Psychologists say that men are unpleasant lady with perfect hair, because of the emergence of fear to spoil the “work of art”. Easy negligence, by contrast, attracts women to men as well as a victim of a hunter draws.

2. No makeup looks


Similar to the previous point a large amount of makeup on a woman’s face does not cause delight in men, as during kissing is a risk to leave a significant part of the “plaster” on his face. But the complete lack of makeup is not always an attractive factor for men. That is why psychologists recommend that women should adhere to the “no makeup look”

3. Barefoot woman


A barefoot looks more natural, that in itself is pleasant to men .It also causes in men unconscious desire to protect her. And if the legs are beautiful and graceful, no men can stand that, say psychologists.

4. Curves


The bones covered with skin cause little excitement in men. Not without reason in the famous painters paintings women are depicted with curves. No matter what the men claim to love in thin persons. Lush form has always been considered a sign of good health (within reason, of course). Subconsciously, men understand this and are drawn to “healthy” women as potential mothers of their child in common. Curvy women considers it as her biggest flaws, but it’s not.

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5. Morning stretching – (Most attracted feature)


Men evoke it as associations with children, so it makes women more attractive. At the same time by stretching, the woman shows previously hidden parts of the body, this, of course, cannot fail to please. This is among the sexiest flaws a girl can have.

6. Health conscious


Every girl with foodie in her instagram bio thinks guys love it. But you’re wrong! Here again, the issue of health. A good appetite is at him and also the points. Women who refuse to eat Junk food constantly because of fear to spoil the figure, may cause little excitement. It is not considered among the flaws but it’s attractive.

7. Drunk texts and phone calls


When women are drunk she begins to say things that she would not say in a sober state, it becomes sexier for men.

Women with lower IQ


Believe it or not, most of the men secretly like her girl to be a little dumb. Among men, there is a perception that the stupid chicks are more available for sex, so they attract more attention than those who have an IQ close to 160.

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Flaws in Women Most Men are Insanely Attracted to

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