Everything you need to know about 4th July: US Independence

What happened on 4th July

4th july 1776 was signed by the United States Declaration of Independence, which proclaimed the US Independence of the American colonies from Great Britain. While the inhabitants of the 13 British colonies located along the eastern coast of the territory of the present-day United States, has for years waged war with the English king and Parliament. The fact that the UK Parliament in 1764 adopted the “Law on the currency”, which forbade the colonies to print their own money to pay taxes by prescribing only gold and silver coins.


However, as is often the case, a private matter, which led to the war, it was the occasion for the struggle for the full independence of the country. Thus began the armed struggle of the North American colonies of the British monarchy.
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How US celebrates 4th July – US Independence Day


US Independence Day – This day is a public holiday, the federal importance. US citizens widely Celebrate the 4th july is widely and at the official level and in the family circle. As in many other countries, the US Independence Day is an occasion the whole family or groups of friends have fun in nature: for a picnic, barbecue, fishing, etc.

Common men, Politicians, Military men

In the morning are formal and semi-formal events: parades, carnivals, fairs, concerts, baseball games, etc. Politicians too, like this day to demonstrate their closeness to the people and patriotism. On this day in the course of patriotic colors present on the American flag: red, white and blue. Noon in each state on all military bases salute from the main gun. This ceremony is called “fireworks unity.”

National anthem, songs and slogans

4th july

All day the Americans together singing the national anthem and patriotic songs: “The banner, full of stars”, “God Bless America,” “America, America”, “Stars and Stripes forever,” “Yankee Doodle,” “Dixie” and others.

Favorite part – Fireworks

But the evening of the 4th july – the time of grandiose fireworks, some of which were even in the record books as the most powerful, bright and expensive.

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