Gujarat court refuses to ban the BOOK "Fekuji"

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat: The author Jayesh Shah, a Congress leader has written down a book which mocks the promises made by the present Prime Minister of India in the elections held in 2014. The personal opinions of the leader Jayesh Shah has been penned downed in the book which is obvious of the fact would criticize the PM in all the possible way he can.

How and why did Gujarat court refused the ban?

The book:

The title reads,’Fekuji Have Dilli Ma’ which means (Fekuji is now in Delhi). The followers of Modi did not like the title stating that this book is meant to defame our PM. One of social worker named Narsinh Solanki demanded ban on this book. It consists of all the promises made by Modi during the elections of 2014 which have not been fulfilled.

Gujarat court refuses to ban the BOOK


Solanki filed a suit and demanded ban of the book in the market but it seems the table turns and the Ahmedabad court dismissed a suit seeking a ban on the sale of the book ‘Fekuji Have Dilli Ma’. Solanki sought court’s intervention on the ban of this book.

Defeating Modi, Solanki says that it’s been two years he is into power. Bringing changes would take time. two years is really short time to fulfill promises made by our PM.

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The decision:

The civil court judge A M Dave cited the article 19 of the constitution and dismissed the ban of the printed work in the market. The judge was not convinced by the arguments made by the Petitioner. He said that India is a democratic country. Everybody here enjoys freedom of expression through a book. Bringing a ban would simply violate the norms.

Gujarat court refuses to ban the BOOK

What is wrong with the people here? The government in the past did not bring economic growth and development in the country even though ruling for decades together and they expect Modi to bring revolutionary changes within two years? Really? Why don’t people check their own party’s past records and then comment?

India’s growth is recorded as the fastest since Modi has undertaken the responsibilities of our country. Keep Patience! Those questioning Modi would soon get their answers.

If you don’t believe us on India’s growth, see what world thinks about us in this video

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Gujarat court refuses to ban the BOOK "Fekuji"

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