Engineering Professors in a college tested

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Mumbai: Professors of Alamuri Ratnamala Institute of Engineering in Thane were asked to write exams. Each professor were asked to appear for the exam of their respective subject. If one professor taught multiple subjects, they were asked to give exams every month of one subject each.

Engineering Professors in a college tested

Regarding the tests:

  • The college took the initiative to check the quality of education the professors are providing to their students and also would keep them updated.
  • The college plans to keep create a bank of answer sheets where the students could go through the answer sheets as a reference.
  • The professors have to clear the exams with minimum 80% in each subject and were not allowed to teach  unless and until they clear their exams.
  • The paper pattern followed was that of the Mumbai University.

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Professors views on this exams:

  • Professors were glad to give these exams as they were of the view that it is very important for the professor to keep themselves updated as it would be an insult if they fail to clear their student’s doubts.
  • Professor Israni, who teaches electronics said,”As teachers we are fluent in teaching our students but we have not been tested on our knowledge for a long time.”
  • The idea was to simply make professors aware about the fact that incomplete knowledge would not be tolerated.
  • Many of them took it as their experience and promised to improve as per the needs.

I think each and every college should take this initiative in order to improve the quality of education they provide to their students. Taking exams on regularly basis would help the to keep in touch with the latest format. This makes work easy for the professors as their students would grasp the knowledge faster. This should be systematically followed by every college as it will land up inspiring students to work hard for their goal.

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Engineering Professors in a college tested

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