Video: Beef smugglers forced to eat cow dung by Gau Raksha Dal

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Two days after three Gau Rakshak Dal members were shot, a video went viral when two beef smugglers forced to eat cow dung and chant Gau Mata ki Jai and Jai Shree Ram. Local trespassers shot this video and submitted it to Faridabad police.

Rizwan and Mukhtiar – the culprits

beef cow dung

Beef transporters named Rizwan and Muktiar were trying to sneak beef to Delhi. An anti-beef community caught them and made them eat cow dung with water. Little did they know, a video was being shot and is now getting shared all over the internet. The duo was then handed over to police for cow slaughtering  charges. After sending them to judicial custody, the beef was destroyed completely.

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Gau Rakshak Dal managed to catch beef smugglers


Gau Rakshak Dal is a group of vigilant Cow protectors based close to Faridabad – Delhi border. They found out that two cow traffickers were carrying 700 kg of beef from Mewat to Delhi. President of  Gau Rakshak Dal Dharmendra Yadav said that before catching them Red handed, they had to chase them for 7 km. Two men were sitting ready on road with packets of cow dung concoction. They had no idea about video being shot.

57-seconds cow dung video went viral on internet

A video was shot during this act and handed it over to Faridabad Police. The smugglers were fed with Cow dung concoction or how they like to call it “panchgavya”. They were forced to chant Gau Mata ki Jay and Jai Shree Ram. One of the member says they had to do this to teach them a lesson and to purify their sin. In this social media era, it wasn’t very difficult to make this video spread all over social media. The blur video comes to an abrupt end with a person demanding to stop shooting.

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Video: Beef smugglers forced to eat cow dung by Gau Raksha Dal

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