Secrets To A Moisturized Face

We’ve all wanted that perfect skin and face as shown in adverts but it always doesn’t turn out that way. Here are some major rules you need to follow in order to get that perfect skin.

Here are some Secrets To A Beautiful Moisturized Face

1. Do Not Touch Your Face

Don’t touch your face. Its a major rule that everyone’s heard of repeatedly. Touching your face repeatedly adds more bacteria in our face which leads to clogged pores and would eventually lead to breakouts and dry skin.
2. Oil Cleansing
Oil Cleansing is the key. Oil cleansing sounds like prolonging your night routine but believe me it is the key for a moisturized face. Some Oils that could be used are extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. The best way to do it is to massage your face for about 1-2 min outward motion and make sure to follow the muscle structure of your face and also only use your ring finger for massaging to prevent forming wrinkles.
3. Foam Cleanser

Use a Foam cleanser. When you use a foam cleanser make sure you foam it first in your palm before applying it on your face. As it has foam enough do not further rub your face but rather use your left and right ring finger to do a circular outward motion from the inner face (meaning the nose, and the forehead area). And as you rinse it remember to not touch your face because it still has bacteria, instead, rinse it by using your shower and letting the water flow onto the face or you could also use a glass and pour the water on your face. But do not dry it with a towel yet! WAIT!
4. Water Based Toner

Yes, do not wipe your face yet. Use a water based toner. Dab on toner first, no need for cottons as it is water based let you face soak in it. Unless otherwise you had a long polluted day then you may use your cotton for extra cleaning. Water based toner has a lot of benefits. It adds moisture to your face and also lessen the chemicals applied on your skin. And at the same time, it helps the environment because it has lesser chemical content which helps both consumers and producers.
5. Do Not Wipe Your Face Yet!

Do not WIPE your face YET!!
Did you know that wiping your face with towel could lead you to dry skin? It will and still most of the people out there wipe their faces with their towels. Instead of using a towel, use your hands, let your warm palms SOFTLY pat your face and let your face be soaked in the water and toner until slightly dry.
6. Slightly Dry

Do not let your face to be completely dry, while it is on its damp state apply your moisturizer and eye cream.
7. Keep Up The consistency!

The consistency of not letting your face be dried out from your first cleansing up to your moisturizing state helps a lot and locks in more moisture in your face. And whenever you feel dry skin during the day use a face mist for continuous moisture all throughout the day.
Did any of these tips helped you?
If it did or if you have any suggestions from your routine make sure to share it and comment below 😘😘😘
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