This company turns Marble into Paper

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The famous sculptor Auguste Rodin once said, “I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don’t need.” Had been he alive today he would have been amazed about this new technology the company has recently discovered. The Taiwan Lung Meng Technology Company (TLM) which is located in southern base of Tainan turns marble into paper.

How it works (Marble processing):

It has mastered the technology where in they convert the waste products of marble into a high quality paper. Everyone was stunned by the efforts this company is taking in order to make use of the waste products in the best possible way they can. The paper made consists of 80% of calcium carbonate and 20% of non toxic resin. This resin is not only recyclable but also it made by an eco-friendly process. The marble is first finely powdered and then the mixture of calcium carbonate and resin is mixed and the mixture is boiled at a temperature of 160 degrees centigrade.

The best part:

The best part in the process of making stone paper is that it does not need any acids, alkali or bleaching powder but is in fact pollution free. Stone paper pallets are used to cool the mixture down. For the disposal of the stone paper waste it is put in the incinerator where the calcium carbonate will not damage the incinerator walls.

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How it helps our environment (Paper development):

To make paper nearly one tonne of paper pulp is required, which amounts to felling of 20 trees approximately and also requires 7,500 gallons of water which results in 1,000 tonnes of carbon emission in our atmosphere. Environmental conservation has been the priority today, where there is constant increase in pollution. This is the solution to deforestation which has largely been one of the reason in ozone layer depletion.

Why it is convenient:

The stone paper made is flame, bug and water resistant which makes it fit for practical uses. Due to its durability it is ideal for trail maps, posters, etc.

The White House has used the paper with its signage in gift bags, a practice that has also been adopted by Mercedes Benz and Ferrari. 

Alan Sun, a company representative said,” We want kids and students to carry stone paper printed textbooks to school as it is lightweight and eco-friendly. Most importantly, it is extra durable and water resistant.”

The company has won many certifications, including being the first to be awarded “Cradle to Cradle” (C2C) certification in Taiwan. The company has also partnered with international entrepreneur and author Gunter Pauli, whose vision for responding to societal economic needs through locally available resources was made known worldwide in the book “The Blue Economy.”

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This company turns Marble into Paper

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