Alcohol: What Alcohol Makes You Do!

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Have you ever wondered when was the last time you danced or gave a public lecture at the random gathering without your friend, Alcohol, influencing you into it?

In your Love-Hate relationship with alcohol one thing which makes you do everything you always carefully avoid in our lives. It gives you sudden confidence to do lot of things which in your otherwise stable mind, you would never even think of doing.

We brought up a few things that remind you what that douche-bag alcohol has been to you!


Brandy – “Trust Me Man, You Know The Lyrics”

Rum – “Everyone Wants to Hear Every Detail About your Recent Break-up.”

Whiskey – “Want to try how strong your fist is? Against that man’s face?”

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Tequila – “Trust me bro, you can Dance.”


Vodka – “You know whom you haven’t spoken to recently? Your Ex!”


Champagne – “If you keep talking, Police will let you go.”

Beer – Go for it, she’s total ten.

Wine – “Don’t worry they did not hear you, say it a WAY louder.”

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Alcohol: What Alcohol Makes You Do!

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