10 Things Men Notice First In a Women!

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I’m sure most of you always wondered about the things men notice first in women and you didn’t get an honest answer yet. Well, you should know that men aren’t so hard to understand because they are pretty straight-forward and you could easily find out what things men notice first in women by simply watching them very carefully every time they meet a new lady.

Here are 10 Things Men Notice First In a Women!

1. Eyes


One of the most common things men notice first in women is, of course, their eyes. Not only it defines the beauty to the face but Men do get lot of insights about the women when looking in their eyes. Women is interested, ignoring, submissive, arrogant, dominant, lying etc. can be judged based on eyes.

2. Smile

Well, that’s not very surprising because, after all, who doesn’t like to look at a person with a nice smile? A lot of research has shown that when you first meet someone, no matter where you are, a nice but genuine smile indicates interest. So, try to smile more often because you never know who will fall in love with your smile.

3. Hair


Yes, you read it right. After all the money and time spent to get their hair done is not gone vain. Men love to see healthy, little shiny and nicely done hair. Thick hair appeal to them a lot. So, maybe all those long hours spent at the hairdresser aren’t in vain after all.

4. Legs

Well, I’m sure this isn’t a surprise for anyone. Men like long legs and that is one of the things they first notice about a woman, but you should know that in the long term there are other qualities that matter more to them than a nice pair of legs. A study that involved more than 200 men and women “revealed that people whose legs are 5% longer than average are considered the most attractive, regardless of their gender.”

5. Chest

It is not the first thing which men notice and is not a checkbox item to strike a conversation. I’m sure a lot of you thought this is the first thing men would notice when they would first meet a woman. Well, you’re wrong, men are not as superficial as you might think. In-fact research has shown men checks the breast only after eyes/hair/smile. Breasts are considered to be a sign of fertility and youth, so this is more like men’s biological hard wiring, they just can’t help it. 😉

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6. Dress Sense

Perhaps this is quite surprising but you should know that most men do notice a woman’s dress sense. One recent study has even found that men prefer classier dressers to women who show too much of their skin. A great (not necessarily expensive) sense of style tells a lot about a person, so pay a lot of attention to the way you dress because you wouldn’t want to send the wrong message.

7. Skin

Also, you might be surprised to find out that men notice more than all those sexual traits and they do pay attention to the way your skin looks. A lot of surveys have indicated that men see a good complexion as a sign of health.

8. Attitude

Probably the most important non-physical thing that guys notice first about a girl is her attitude. A girl can be as beautiful as a sun goddess and as sexy as all get-out, but if she has a bad or ugly attitude, a guy will drop her faster than you can say hello. No man wants to be tied down to a mean witch!

9. Bum, Booty or Butt

Guys love what you’ve got going on back there and they love when you show it off in those skinny jeans or bikinis. “My Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun!”

10. How Fake Are You?

Males also notice how fake women are. If you have hair extensions, fake eyelashes and nails, he will definitely notice it. For most men, fake means high maintenance and large expense. While fake eyelashes might draw his eye, he won’t like them. If you want to get the guy you like, make sure you look natural. Learn to conceal your drawbacks and show your beauty without looking like a doll. Choose light foundations, nude shades and pink blushes. Instead of hair extensions, opt for a good quality volume shampoo and volume styling products.

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10 Things Men Notice First In a Women!

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