7 Fundamental Rules For Life

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Research has shown that your talent for happiness is, to a large degree, determined by your genes. Psychology professor David T. Lykken, author of Happiness: Its Nature and Nurture, says that “trying to be happier is like trying to be taller.” We each have a “happiness set point,” he argues, and move away from it only slightly.

And yet, psychologists who study happiness — including Lykken — believe we can pursue happiness. We can do this by thwarting negative emotions such as pessimism, resentment, and anger. And we can foster positive emotions, such as empathy, serenity, and especially gratitude.

Here are some of the basic Fundamental Rules for life to pursue Happiness

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1. Make peace with your past. It should not ruin the present nor determine your future.

2. What other people think of you isn’t important. What matters to you is important to you and what you think

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3. Time heals Almost everything. Our scars make us who we are and explain why we became ourselves.

4. No one can be the reason for our happiness apart from you. Don’t waste time and effort on searching for happiness, just enjoy what you have.


5. Don’t compare your life to others. If we ignore our problem and look at others, our life will only seem perfect.

6. Stop thinking too much. you cannot know the answers to all questions, accept this and move on.


7. The world’s problems are not your concern. A smile makes life better and could change the world!



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7 Fundamental Rules For Life

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