Why Indian Serials Suck!

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Indian Serials, Indian TV shows have one thing in common i.e. Saas-Bahu story-lines with evil vamps and enormous families. Worse than the Saas-Bahu wars is the horror and sci-fi series of Indian TV.

Here are some of the cringe-worthy characters of such Sci-Fi TV shows (Indian Serials):

1. The Mystique “Vishkanya”


(Super-Power) – Turns Blue at Will.

Meet the poison girl or vishkanya who can turn blue at her will. She must be a hit at costume parties.

2. The Human tiger


(Super Power) – Turns Into a Tiger

Karan kundra couldn’t pull off Raghu at Roadies, But the poor chap was asked to pull off mutant tiger on his daily show. “Yeh kahan aa gaye hum.”

3. The Black Witch


(Super Power) – Scares Off People with her Hair

So, Hollywoodish right! Except that this witch won’t modernize with time. In “Adhuri kahani humari”.

4. The Ichchadhaari Naagin

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(super power) – Can swap her form and body at will!

Its hard to believe that this is actually the number one show on the Indian television now. Survive one episode and you’ll be wondering what the writers of this show would be smoking. And that’s how she rolls. Deal with it!

5. Sasural Simar Ka – Simar turns Makkhi!

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We found out that the insanity goes deeper than this. We’ve taken loads of shit from sasural simar ka in past, but this, has to be most outrageous track which have been aired on Indian TV. The fame turned into a wait for it goddamn house fly.


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Why Indian Serials Suck!

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