How Can A Man Look Handsome

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Everybody knows that being called “cute” is way better than being called “ugly.” Better than being cute, though, is being called “handsome.” But how do you go about being handsome? Here are some simple, common methods to get there. Read on!

Following the post on what men should do on the first date, here are list of things man can do to look handsome!

1. Shaving/Beard Grooming


If you are a person with no beard, try to shave at least 3 times a week. If you have a beard or/with mustache, try to trim to look unblemished.

2. Face Moisturizer

Very Important to ensure your pH level is maintained. It brings freshness to your face when applied twice a day, preferably after a shower and before sleep.

3. Manicure and Pedicure

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Do you know that women notice your finger nails and toe nails when in flip-flops. Ensure they are rightly moisturized, we do not care about the shape.

4. Smell Good

A good Perfume/Cologne on your body and a nice breath can be very delightful for a person standing near you. Your cologne talks much of your personality, hence choose the right one.

5. Hair

Gray hair is in, do not color black when you have passed that age phase. Little beard with gray hair turns a lot of attention. You can style your hair but honestly, not required. Avoid oil, especially when going out.

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How Can A Man Look Handsome

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