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Surprising uses for Egg Shells

What do do when you use the egg yolk? Probably you throw it away in the dustbin? Do you know there are end number of unbelievable creative uses of egg shells where in you can put it to use.

Surprising uses for Egg Shells

Below are some of the uses I have shared – Egg shells:

•Break the shells into large pieces and paint them with vibrant colors. Scatter them around your pots in the garden and see how beautiful they look.
•These egg shells are considered as good compost. When you use them as a manure you plants would blossom in the way you never expected.
•In order to keep snails and ants away from your plants you, just sprinkle the egg shell’s powder around.
•In early days, these shell membranes were applied to heal your cuts and wounds quickly. Why not today? Why can’t it be used a natural antiseptic. Try it now!
•To keep LIZARDS away, scatter egg shells in places where these creepy creatures crawls around your house.
•If you want your coffee to be good l, then boil your coffee with egg shells all the bitterness is gone. It sounds a bit wired, but why not give it a try?
•You can use the egg shells as a face pack. Allow them to dry and apply it on your face. It is mainly used a skin-tightening agent.
•To clear the blackheads on your face, the pointed edges of the shells are used. When they dry up after applying, it is easier to pick up.
•To make your clothes white and bright, add 2 tablespoon of egg shell powder in the bucket along with some washing powder and soak it for sometime.
•Egg shells contains calcium, why not use it at home by drying it up and storing it in an air-tight container. Consume it with your food at times.
•To boost your pet’s energy you can add the egg shell powder you made. It helps to make their bones strong.
•Use them as candles. Simply break them from above and after using the egg yolk, pour some oil in it and use it at your home to light it.

So what are you waiting for? Go and make the best use of it you can!

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