Misconception about medieval knights almost everyone had

It’s time to medieval chivalry that still dominates the minds of people. Learning to live like noble warriors was known only from historical records or romantic literature of the time. But over the past few centuries, distorted the facts, and the concept of chivalry has acquired many myths. What about knights?

This review presents the 5 most popular misconceptions about medieval knights.

#1 – Because of armor, the knight could not get on their own horse : False


Speaking about the Middle Ages, people used to think that the knights , clad in armor, even on their own could not move. If they fell, it was not possible to stand without assistance. In this statement there is a little bit of truth. Heavy armor knights wore was only during the tournament, in order to avoid injuries. But at other times and even more so in the battles on the battlefield, knight’s armor does not exceed 20 kg. If he walked in peace time on the streets of cities, the helmet, gloves and shin were worn, good everything was convenient bindings.

#2 – Knights in armor were invulnerable: False


The myth of the invulnerability of knights in armor is longer inspired from romantic literature. In the early days of chivalry to kill the warrior it was really difficult, often deafened him. But with the advent of crossbows, bows with more powerful armor-piercing arrows, armor no longer saved knights.

#3 – Knights neglected hygiene: Not true

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Many people think that they smelled terrible from the fact that because of the armor they often go under. In the Middle Ages, all sharply there was a question of hygiene, so noble warriors behaved in the same way as everybody else. But this does not mean that they were all the same as going to the toilet. Armor were made so as to simplify the natural physiological process.
Pants, in the modern sense, did not exist. Knights wore highway – high stockings, which are fastened on the belt. Later in the XV century it flap front was invented. A foul odour from the Warriors was easily explained: if put on all knightly clothing and pick up a sword, but waving them at least half an hour, the smell of sweat mixed with mud, not long to wait.

#5 – Army of thousands of knights

Source: pinterest
Source: pinterest

Another misconception about them is their large number. In the XIII century in England and France accounted for slightly less than 3,000 of them. In spite of such a small amount, knightly cavalry, clad in armor, was gravely troops. Infantry were commoners, arrows provided cover, and the knights lined wedge, stormed castles.
Another important factor in the relative small number of knights, had a limited number of combat endurance horses can carry a metal armor and rider in armor. Toward the XIII century they found a high social status, so the circle of favorites in no hurry to allow just anyone.

#6 – Knights “went to great deeds” alone


The chivalry is a very popular travel story on the exploits of a knight alone. But this misconception does not correspond to reality. Every noble warrior was carrying a so-called “spear” – a small group consisting of the squires, pages, archers, swordsmen. And since all of this “suite” was precious blood, they could not be considered as human beings. It turns out that they allegedly traveled alone.

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