Mohenjo Daro trailer spawns a thousand jokes on Twitter

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Mohenjo Daro trailer released last night and we already have a star at hand the flying crocodile! The film stars an intense Hrithik Roshan and a luminous Pooja Hegde, who proves Angelina Jolie’s ‘the leg’ was actually the fashion trend of choice during Harappan civilization.

Ashutosh Gowariker’s magnum opus has grand sets, lots of action and AR Rahman’s timeless score. As the trailer became a YouTube sensation, Twitter had a go at it to. We bring you the best, and the funniest, tweets of the lot. There are no holy cows as jokes fly about everything from film’s ‘authentic’ treatment of Indus Valley civilisation to, did we mention it before, the flying crocodile.

Ashutosh Gowariker is known for his detailed portrayal in period flicks. Considered a maverick filmmaker, it seems Ashu has gone totally wrong with Mohenjo Daro. The trailer of the film was unveiled on the social network on Monday and the 3 minute 30 second trailer has sparked an outrage on the social media.

The long trailer brought together a world that Ashu created for the film. Set in the era of the Harappan civilisation, Ashutosh tried to stick to the archaeological reports and elements as much as possible. But this time, he has made some grave mistakes.

Mohenjo Daro trailer

Let’s take a look at the Twitter Updates for Mohenjo Daro:

For more updates, stay tuned!

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Mohenjo Daro trailer spawns a thousand jokes on Twitter

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