Build Your Vocabulary: Words You Didn't Know!!!

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Here’s a list of 25 words that you may not know. Learn one today; increase your vocabulary and impress someone! 😀

Let’s take a Look at the Vocabulary Words that you didn’t know

Girn – To bare your teeth in anger and sadness

Yerd – To beat with a stick.

Dendrofilous – Loving trees enough to live in them.

Wamfle – To walk around with flapping clothes.

Ribazuba – Ivory from a walrus

Franch – To eat greedily.

Nazzard – A lowly or weak person.

Cachinnate – To laugh noisily.

Sesamoid – Having the size and shape of a sesame seed.

Yerk – To tie with a jerk.

Mullion – A vertical dividing piece between window lights or panels.

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Labrose – Thick-lipped

Misodoctakleidist – Someone who dislikes practicing the piano.

Hesternal – Having to do with yesterday.

Crurophilous – Liking legs.

Glabella – The space on your forehead between your eyebrows.


Fample – To feed a child.

Coprolalomaniac – Someone who compulsively uses foul language.

Onychotillomaniac – Someone who constantly picks his or her nails.

Glossolalia – Gibberish; babble

Gash-gabbit – Having a protruding chin.

Sneckdraw – A sneaky or mean person.

Hircine – Something that smells like a goat.

Wallydrag – A completely useless person.

Onygophagist – A person who bites his or her nails.



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Build Your Vocabulary: Words You Didn't Know!!!

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