Microsoft to acquire linkedIn by paying $26.2 bn

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According to a media channel, Microsoft on Monday announced a $ 26.2 billion all-cash acquisition of professional networking site LinkedIn. CEO Satya Nadella said they will acquire all the shares with price of $ 196 per share, and by way of the issuance of bonds to finance the deal.

CEO of LinkedIn will report to Satya Nadella

LinkedIn Microsoft

After the acquisition, The Social Networking website will retain the original brand, corporate culture and business independence. Jeff Weiner (CEO) will remain CEO, he will work under the direct leadership of microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. The transaction is expected to complete before the end of this year.

About LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn was established in 2002, more than 400 million users worldwide, monthly unique visitors of 105 million. In 2011 the company listed on the NYSE, last year’s revenue of about $ 3 billion. But in order to get in the global development, it must be sold to large technology companies, because the monetization of social networks is not easy.

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Microsoft tried buying LinkedIn before but failed

This is not the first time microsoft is brewing acquisition of of this company. LinkedIn in early 2011 was in IPO (initial public offering). Few years ago, it has reportedly tried to purchase this professional. With the completion of the deal, Microsoft also considered a few years ago to complete a wish.

Microsoft’s major acquisitions in recent years:

Source: Microsoft
  • In September 2014, they announced $ 2.5 billion acquisition of Swedish game developer Mojang, comprising corporate ownership and games intellectual property rights.
  • September 2013, They announced that about 7.2 billion dollars to buy Nokia mobile phone business (the ultimate consequences are tragic)
  • June 2012, their $ 1.2 billion acquisition of enterprise social networking service provider Yammer;
  • May 2011, its had $ 8.5 billion acquisition of Skype.

This  deal in the next few years will be in trouble. The forecast are not yet clear. But during  this period, LinkedIn may also lose more momentum. microsoft will no doubt survive. But the next few years is estimated that there are too tired.

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Microsoft to acquire linkedIn by paying $26.2 bn

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