School Days – Nostalgic 90's

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There was a time when broken pencils, incomplete home work, innocent hearts and magical days made us happy in school days. There’s no iPhone, no internet or playstation but things made our heart cherished that made our childhood beautiful.

Scroll down the lane to take a magical ride to the “best days of your life”. (Nostalgic School Days)

School DaysWhen a Single Game Decide what’s Our Relation with Others!

(Tera Aur Uska Love Aaya…)

School Days

Buying Gums After Gums To get our Favorite Tattoo

(Bhaiya Free Tattoo tho Dho…)

School Days


When We Wrote our Notebooks Like a Boss with These Pencils

(Mummy Shakalaka Boom Boom Pencil Chahiye)

School Days

Pretending to Fall Sick to Watch This Program on Doordarshan

(Phele Brush Karke Aao……. Sorry Shaktiman :P)

School Days

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When we Purchased Cheetos just for that Tazos

(Cheetos Thu Kha Le….. Mujhe Bas Tazos Dede)

School Days

When we Loved to pick a Colour of our Choice

(Tipi Tipi Tap What Colour do you want)

School Days

When All of us Tried to Deceive The “Police” with our Expression

(Tu Chor Hai…)

School Days

Learning New Words Playing This Game

(S! S! S!……)

School Days

When We Loved Having These Food

(Papa Fatafat Dilado……)

School Days

When We Love Watching “Mowgli” in The Jungle Book

(Jungle jungle pata chala hai chaddi pehenke phool khila hai…..)

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School Days – Nostalgic 90's

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