Beauty hacks for beautiful you – Part 1

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Every woman has their own little secrets of beauty. Do you have a great chance to enhance their knowledge of beauty? These 29 tricks will be useful for any woman. Useful knowledge is never enough, improve your appearance with pleasure! What to do so there are no noticeable dark circles under your eyes? How to style your hair to make them look elegant, even at the end of the party? How to make a perfect manicure at home?

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Such beauty questions, which concern beauties are answered below:

Source: coramagazine
  • Do you want to nail polish to dry faster? Place the painted nails in a bowl of ice water – drying process is greatly reduced.
  • Before you apply nailpolish, spread olive oil on cuticles. Oil will easily remove paint that accidentally gets on the skin.
  • Life hacking for those who urgently need to do a manicure, but no time: Always keep in reserve sequins at home. Put on an old manicure transparent nail polish, glitter on top of a mound of suitable colors – Nails immediately transformed into professionally manicured nails.
  • Turn glossy nail paint to matte very easy: Hold the painted nails a few minutes in the bowl of boiling water.
  • If you are using stickers for nails, for example for the French manicure, make sure that the edges of the labels slightly favored the nail, do not forget to glue nail tips.
  • Fine glitter polish to remove very easy: you just need to apply nail polish remover on a cotton swab and wrap your finger in it. A few minutes later the nail paint is removed completely.
  • Be sure to apply a nourishing balm for the eyes: the most convenient to do ring fingers, the area under the lower lashes is a perfect
  • To add makeup natural shine, apply couple of drops of oil at the end on your cheeks.
  • If you do not always get to hold a straight line eyeliner – do not despair. Learn how to hold a pencil and draw a horizontal wide end of a pencil -. It is the key to success is not just one line of conduct, it is unlikely it will turn out perfectly straight – better make 3-4 small stroke since the mid-line.
  • Before you sharpen soft pencils for eyes and lips, hold them for a while in the fridge – they become less brittle.
  • Mix dark shadows with light -. Such as brown, dark green and blue colors with neutral, creamy shades Such variations shadows and are well suited for the evening, and for daytime makeup.
  • Apply blush on the cheekbones towards the hairline.
  • Great makeup remover – coconut oil. Erase Makeup in the usual way, apply a little coconut oil on a cotton swab and wipe with your eyes closed. The result is wonderful!

Stay tuned for more beauty hacks! Also check how to take care of your beauty during summer.

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Beauty hacks for beautiful you – Part 1

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