Apps to record your expenses

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Everyone needs money. Spends money. Loves money. Works to earn money. Half of our lives revolve around this piece of valuable paper. Keeping a track of our money was done just by remembering the numbers.. But now with so many sources of income and so many sources to make expenditure, it’s quite a task and a half to keep track of your dear money. With most of us using smart phones, it’s now quite easier to track down your expenses with less waste of time. I went through some trial and errors and have come up with a list of some useful apps that shall be at your service whether you want to file your expenditure or enter your income.

Money View:


“With Money View app, you get a real-time visibility into your entire Personal Finance”- MoneyView
This is an all rounder app. Money viewer manages both your cash and bank. It reads your msgs to see any bank transaction. Sure, a question of safety. But bank never sends full account details over message. so may be safe. otherwise a very smooth app. I tested the app for 1 month without loss of track of my finances. Read here to get full review and some tricks and tips for the app. Search bar does not search everything. Sad.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Auto track credit/debit cards, net banking, cash withdrawals or cheques.

-Export, back up,secure with pin.
-split expenses with family or friends included. easy peasy. we all need it !

CONS – Security question ! It reads msgs so to auto track expenses through bank

2. Money Manager:


This is my personal favourite ! The app  interface is loaded with actions like income, expense, bookmarks, etc. The search bar is very power full which searches for any category, contents or memo

-Super good search bar, searches almost everything from category to memo notes.

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– Add accounts like cash, bank, loan,etc.
– simple and beautiful monthly statistics
-Add search-able notes to the transactions
-Manage Asset and Liability
-least negative comments on the play store among all the apps reviewed, end users are loving it.

CONS – No auto tracking like money view app



Good budget is an interesting app that allows you to make your budget on the bases of envelope budgeting system. Basically you make an envelope and set budget for each envelope . This allows you to stay on track about each of the expense category.

SPECIAL FEATURE- good old envelope budgeting system.

– Set budget for each category
– more than one person can operate the account. All you need is to sign in with same account ID

Limited free envelopes (categorises)



The interface of moneyfy app is quite “cute” and attractive.This is the biggest reason for including the app here. Overall it is less functional in comparison to all the above apps.

SPECIAL FEATURE- very very simple unlike others which tend to d quite confusing at first.

– multiple accounts
-simple to use

– no search bar
– no cloud services of it’s own. (though you can backup data on SD card or Dropbox.)

Even if you choose an app other than the above, make sure the app-

  • Should have budget option
  • Should record both income and expenditure
  • Should be able to add multiple source account like cash and bank
  • Should show statistics weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • Should be able to export data in well known file format like excel sheet
  • Cloud integration and availability on multiple platforms
  • Customisable category.
  • Widgets

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Apps to record your expenses

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