Traits that Women Love!

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“So, this blog is going to be all about the traits that women find attractive in men. Keep in mind that all women are different, and, therefore, have different preferences, but the traits that we are going to discuss are all traits that the majority of women look for in a guy. That means that these are qualities (traits that women love) that you might want to instill in yourself if you are hoping to attract a woman.”

Traits that women love:

#1 – A GOOD LISTENERtraits that women love

I am talking about this trait before any of the others for a reason. It is one of the most attractive traits to a woman.
As I said earlier, women love to talk. While most women will probably also enjoy it if you respond to their talking, sometimes all they want is for you to listen.
If they have some sort of problem that they are facing, their instinct is to talk to someone about it. If you can be that person to a woman, and if you can simply listen to her as she talks without being judgmental or rude, it will be a huge comfort to her, and will make you far more attractive in her eyes.
If you are already dating someone, that is one of the best ways to keep her around, too. Just listen.

#2 – A SMILE

traits that women love

It may be cliché and cheesy, but it is true. A smiling guy is miles more attractive than a stony-faced guy.
I know that in romance novels, the dark, serious guy with the cold eyes is considered to be mysterious and attractive, but that just is not true in real life.
No woman is going to approach someone like that. It’s just too intimidating.
The best way to show people that you are friendly and approachable is to smile. No, I am not saying that you should go around with this huge, pasted-on grin all the time. That would be kind of creepy, to most people.
So, yes, a smiling man is definitely attractive—just not 24/7.


traits that women love

Do not panic! After reading the title of this section, you may be wondering if all women are secretly zombies, and you are the only man on earth that didn’t know.
Don’t worry. Women are not zombies—at least, as far as I know. A guy with a great brain, however, will definitely be appreciated by the majority of women. It is one hundred percent true, and a proven fact, that women do, in fact, prefer smarter guys over good looking guys.
You might be raising your eyebrows at the statement.
“How come the nerds at high school never got the girls, then?” is something you may be thinking.
The answer to that is that, even though a smart guy is attractive to women, you can’t get by on smarts alone.
For example, if you are intelligent, but under-confident and unable to make conversation with women, they won’t be able to really get to know you, and, therefore, won’t be interested in you.
If you can manage to be friendly, down to earth and smart at the same time, then I’m sure lots of women will love you.

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traits that women love

This trait is one that can make almost any woman swoon. Trust me, nobody likes a guy that is cruel and a bully.
Women are attracted to guys that know how to treat them—with kindness and care.
The kind of guy that will unexpectedly do something sweet for them, or will buy them a gift that they had been wanting for years.
It’s not difficult to be considerate, really. You just have to do things that you believe will make the woman you are interested in happy.
If you saw her eyeing a certain dress in the display of a store with wistful eyes, then go buy that dress for her birthday.
If you recently found out that daisies are her favorite flower, unexpectedly slip one in her pocket as you part ways after dinner.
Being considerate is all about paying attention to the woman you are interested in, and learning all about her likes and dislikes.


traits that women love
A man in disguise winking his eyes.


Everyone likes to laugh. Men, women, children…everyone will appreciate someone with a good sense of humor.
If you are someone that is terrible at making jokes, then relax. Guys that always make lame jokes are not attractive, anyway. That’s not what I meant by having a sense of humor.
What I meant was that you should be able to say something witty every now and then. Be careful not to be offensive, though. That’s a common problem that a lot of jokesters have.
Along with that, being able to laugh at yourself is also a great ability that is included in a good sense of humor. Learn not to take joking insults too seriously, and try to make light of your own mistakes.
One important thing to keep in mind, however, is not to overdo it with all the joking around.”


traits that women love

This is a great trait to have, no matter what gender you are. Even if you aren’t looking for a significant other at the moment, it is still a wonderful thing to be honest.
First, let’s talk about honestly with yourself. You need be able to evaluate yourself, and admit what your weaknesses are. That is the first step to becoming a better person. If you continue to lie to yourself and tell yourself that you are perfect, then you are only harming yourself in the long run by placating yourself temporarily.
Do not be overly harsh on yourself, either, though. You need to be able to appreciate all of your good points while accepting that you have things you need to work on, and then work on them. By bettering yourself you will like yourself more, and therefore other people will like you more.
Don’t believe me? Give it a try!

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Traits that Women Love!

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